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CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2

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CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2

Creative Peptides has launched a new product called CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2. It could be used to facilitate the transfer of peptides or proteins as well as antibodies across cellular membranes in the cell-based assay.

Unlike small molecules, a peptide or a protein is normally difficult enter into intact cells due to the cell membrane's semipermeability nature. Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs, also known as Protein Transduction Domains), are good carriers with small peptide domains (generally less than 40 amino acids) that can easily cross cell membranes. They are considered as useful tools to assist the transshipment of peptide or protein from outside to the inside of cells. CPPs Conjugating Kits-NH2 provide a convenient way to make CPPs conjugated with your proteins, and then deliver the proteins into cells. This kit can be used with a wide range of protein with virtually any protein larger than 20 kDa. In order to verify its effectiveness, Creative Peptides` scientists have ran lots of tests with a wide variety of CPPs and many different cell types, such as SkBr3, HEK293 and CHO.

CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2

CPPs Conjugating Kit is highly and specifically adaptable to many possible applications, giving your research a major advantage. For example, CPPs Conjugating Kit can accelerate the delivery and development of new therapeutics, such as antibody, to inside of intact cells.

If you foresee a possible future use for your research in a clinical setting, we can help. Contact us at info@creative-peptides.com to customize your CPP Conjugating kit-NH2 today!

CAT# Product Name Kit Contents Storage protocols
CPP001 CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2 CPPs: 1 mg.
Linker: 2 mg.
Buffer: PBS solution (5 mL)
Filtration Tube: 2 tubes
-20 oC User Guide:  CPPs Conjugating Kit-NH2

Protocol at a glance:
• Add linker solution to your protein sample mix for 30 minutes and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000g.
• Add PBS buffer and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000g (2x).
• Add CPP solution mix for 2 h at room temperature and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000g.
• Move to a new filtration tube and add PBS buffer centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000g (2x).

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