Fluorescent Labeling Reagents
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Fluorescent Labeling Reagents

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Cat. # Product Name Price
L-OS-0070 Sulforhodamine 101; Sulforhodamine 640 Inquiry
L-OS-0076 Rhodamine 101;Rhodamine 640 Inquiry
L-OS-0098 N-(4-Bromobutyl)phthalimide Inquiry
L-OS-0091 DNP-X, SE Inquiry
L-OS-0090 DNP-X acid Inquiry
L-OS-0101 Diethyl carboxymethylphosphonate Inquiry
L-OS-0087 Dansyl chloride Inquiry
L-OS-0089 DABCYL acid,SE Inquiry
L-OS-0088 DABCYL acid Inquiry
L-OS-0082 Cy7-SE;Cy3 NHS Ester Inquiry
L-OS-0081 Cy7 Inquiry
L-OS-0080 Cy5-SE;Cy5 NHS Ester Inquiry
L-OS-0079 Cy5 Inquiry
L-OS-0078 Cy3-SECy3 NHS Ester Inquiry
L-OS-0077 Cy3 Inquiry

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