Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH) and MSH-Sequences
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Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH) and MSH-Sequences

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Cat. # Product Name Price
M09008 γ-2-MSH (41-58), amide Inquiry
M09012 RAB38/NY-MEL-1 (50-58) Inquiry
M09006 MSH Release Inhibiting Factor, amide Inquiry
M09011 Melanotropin-Potentiating Factor, MPF Inquiry
M09010 Melanocyte Associated Antigen gp 100 (17-25) Inquiry
M09004 g-MSH Inquiry
M09005 g-1-MSH, amide Inquiry
M09007 b-MSH, porcine Inquiry
M09002 a-MSH, Free Acid Inquiry
M09001 a-MSH, amide Inquiry
M09009 [Lys0]-γ-1-MSH (41-58), amide Inquiry
M09003 [Des-Ac] a-MSH, amide Inquiry

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