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Neoantigen Peptides Vaccine Synthesis Service

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Creative Peptides is one of the world's largest producers of synthetic peptides. We have cGMP certified manufacturing facilities and expertise that provide us the ability to produce non-GMP grade and GMP grade peptides from miligram quantities to commercial requirements of multi-kilograms or more. The advantage of manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients at a low-cost makes Creative Peptides stand out among international API manufacturers.

We are specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides. We are dedicated to offering custom peptide synthesis, process development, GMP manufacturing as well as catalog products for customers in industry and research area. We have more than 20 years of experience in peptide research, and we are dedicated to provide high-quality GMP peptides to researchers and pharmaceutical companies all over the world.


Neoantigens is a class of HLA-bound peptides that arise from tumor-specific mutations. They are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues, thus can be used as biomarkers differentiating cancer cells from normal cells. It has been shown that recognition of these individual-specific neoantigens opens a new door for cancer immunotherapy.

Several clinical studies indicated that vaccination with neoantigens could both expand pre-existing neoantigen-specific T-cell populations and induce a broader repertoire of new T-cell specificities in cancer patients. Since these neoantigen peptides are patient specific, developing personalized vaccine would target cancer cells of an individual specifically and effectively.

It is worth mentioning that produce vaccines that contains multiple individual-specific neoantigens minimize the chance of tumor escape by loss of antigen.

Services we offer:

• DNA and RNA sequencing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells of a cancer patient for detection of tumor-specific mutations.
• Translation of these mutations to human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecules.
• Prediction of personalized peptides with high affinity binding to HLA molecules.
• Manufacture of personalized vaccine with pools of these synthetic personalized peptides.

We provide services from the beginning of the process, starting from DNA/RNA sequencing. Alternatively, we offer manufacture of personalized synthetic peptides based on the request of customers. We are able to produce high quality peptides in cGMP certified facilities at a relatively low cost.

For cGMP services please visit Custom GMP Peptide Synthesis Services.

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