Scientific Octapeptide Used in Modern Medical Therapy

It’s common to know that modern medications have raised increasing attention in recent years and personalized healthcare seems to be an inevitable trend now. Given the fact, modern medical therapy has become the focus of health issues. It’s reported that scientific octapeptide has been used in such special application.

Medical Therapy
Medical Therapy

Generally, octapeptide is seen as a protein fragment or molecule (as oxytocin or vasopressin) that consists of eight amino acids linked in a polypeptide chain, which demands a wide range of practical functions. And some synthetic peptides, especially those based on octapeptide, could be a complex peptide composed of the amino acids, glutamic acid, glutamine, aspartic acid and methionine, etc. It’s pointed out that such peptide is helpful to reduce wrinkles formed from repetitive facial expressions, though there’s no independent research to support this claim.

In fact, from the technical perspective, octapeptide is able to share sequence homology with HIV envelope protein, which makes most researchers impressed by its functions. In addition, some researchers indicate octapeptide may be useful as antiviral agent in AIDS therapy, because the important pentapeptide sequence consists of amino acids 4-8 in peptide T, which could be the HIV envelope sequence required for attachment to the CD4 receptor. Certainly, there are still some other aspects of octapeptide worthy of further study, such as the octapeptide repeats.

Since it is so important in modern scientific study, relative elements should be mentioned as well. Taking cholecystokinin-octapeptide as an instance, it has been shown to antagonize the an-algesia produced by opioid peptides. And in terms of the role of this special peptide, it is against the pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell injury caused by lipopolysaccharide, as a kind of endogenous brain-gut peptide. It also shows a a regulatory function in the immune system as well. Certainly, when it comes to modern independent research on varying peptide, reliable sponsored testing for improving deep wrinkles and expression lines seems to be necessary.

In brief, functions of octapeptide are present in skincare products just like the acetyl octapeptide-1, which could help the reduction caused by the contraction of facial muscles or the depth of wrinkles, especially around the forehead and eyes. Anyway, although it cannot act as other functional peptides, octapeptide is capable of displaying its theoretical cell-communicating ability.