It is reported recently that cancer deaths could be virtually eliminated because of the change of lifestyles, the emergence of preventive technologies, as well as the production of better drugs and other therapies. It has also pointed out that whether the children or elders, almost all cases of death due to cancers could be preventable by 2050. The report really impressed the whole world.

cancerIt is common to know people generally believe that the number of cancer patients is still increasing, while the latest study has shown a converse fact. With the advance of modern technology, better drugs and lifestyles, maybe no one would die because of cancers by this mid-century. People hold different ideas about this unique issue for various reasons, such as the side effects and credibility. Clearly, there is no denying that there are massive cancer patients around the entire world. It is reported more than 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and approximately 8 million people lose their lives. While under the support of modern new technologies, less people will die of cancers.

In fact, the majority of people come from China because China’s aging population is more serious when compared with other developing countries. In addition, the proportion of population under the age of 80 gradually declines due to cancer deaths, especially in those rich countries. Taking the United Kingdom as an example, the number of population under the age of 80, in terms of cancer deaths, has declined by 40% compared with that of 1990. Furthermore, the report also indicates a fact that many cancer patients will be cured within the nest few decades with upgrading of the emergence of innovative medicines, radiological technology and surgical techniques.

To be more specific, except for the emergence of gene technology and specific drugs, the change of lifestyle should also be highlighted. More profound understanding towards cancer and environmental factors can help stress individual attention to their own health, encouraging people to report various types of cancer signal at an early stage, which is essential for successful cancer treatment. Actually, raising awareness of cancer is the most critical to winning the cancer war.