Biopharmaceuticals generally indicates the research achievements based on applications of microbiology, biology, medicine and biochemistry. Market research in biological and biochemical products also shows it’s necessary to use the principles or methods of pharmaceuticals to discover more effective products that can be used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis, namely the research from an organism, biological tissues, and cells to the body fluids.

Technically, pharmaceutical industry is one of the international industrial divisions in accordance with international standards, also called “a sunshine industry that will never decline”. It includes pharmaceutical industry and medicine business, in which the pharmaceutical industry can be divided into chemical, biological, and medical device industries. Since pharmaceuticals is usually regarded as an emerging industry, how about its employment situation? Will it be as vibrant as biopharmaceutical industry?

In fact, future biological, biochemical products industry will show rapid development momentum. Therefore, employment prospects for pharmaceutical profession are extremely broad, such as antibody sequencing and C peptide technology. Employment prospects:



1. Comprehensive talents that are good at combining biology, medicine and engineering technology together will embrace a brighter prospect. Such people need to master two skills: one is products’ new R & D while the second is mature instrument operation. Talents in biomedical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics and other relevant units are showing increasing demands.

2. Based on the research report from biochemical products market, relevant units in medicine will have a better employment prospect. Taking chemical pharmaceuticals as an example, biological talents can work in a chemical or pharmaceutical factory.

3. Chinese medicines is relatively rare. A few years ago, people promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicines, thus a large part of drugs is existed in such application. From this point of view, employment should be good. However, in recent years, Chinese medicine industry has been greatly affected since the adverse effects of proprietary Chinese medicines increased year by year, which means the employment might be a little difficult.

4. Although biopharmaceuticals possesses relatively good prospects for development, but it is currently limited to special experiment equipment as well as the deficiency in development of corresponding products like copper. Therefore, the employment may be more difficult, so most students would choose further education, studying for a higher degree like Ph.D. and M.S..

5. Certainly, there would be some other choices too. Engaged in scientific research or teaching work in research institutions or universities could be a good choice. Moreover, working in the enterprises or administrative departments related to industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, environmental protection and other sectors seems to be worthy of a try.

Salary Level: Considering the fact that medical engineers have involved a wide range of fields, capability of employees is varying, and employers might have different requirements, thus salary level for this special profession actually could have a lot of flexibility.

Top Analysis: The 21st century is the century of biotechnology, indicating talents engaged in biotechnology research and development will have a broad prospect. In fact, this profession has just begun to warm up and the popularity might be less than the extent of other popular professionals, but it certainly will be popular at a surprising speed, occupying the leading edge of scientific research in the future.