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There is no general solvent for suitable for solubilising all peptides; the flowchart below provides a general guideline for peptide solubilisation. Please select the best solvent for your supplied peptide by testing a small amount first. It is advisable to first attempt to use solvents that are readily removed by lyophilisation.
  Peptide_Solvent_Guidelines creative peptides.pdf


Creative Peptides has compiled a list of scientific papers and patents relating to part of our Core Products. Here is a list, from Creative Peptides, of scientific papers and patents related to our Core Products.

To better scan through the literature, there is a summary (if applicable) after each reference written by Creative Peptides, intending to display a general idea of the publication to provide a brief interpretation of the information within the publication.

20 amino acids structures and names

  20 amino acids structures and names.pdf

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