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Peptide profiling needs to comprehensively consider the protein itself, the purpose of the experiment and the expected results, and requires high-quality sample pretreatment technology, strong technical separation ability and information in order to obtain the best separation of protein hydrolyzed digestibles and carry out reliable characterization and analysis of peptides. As a specialist in biomedical related technical services, Creative Peptides is able to provide peptide profiling services for customers in a efficient and cost-effective way of best quality.


Peptide profiling is based on the molecular weight and amino acid composition of proteins and peptides, and uses specific proteolytic enzymes (usually endopeptidase) to act on special peptide chain sites to cleave peptides into small fragments, and then form characteristic fingerprints by certain means of separation and detection. Peptide profiling is of great significance for the study of the structure and characterization of peptides.


  • Confirming the amino acid sequence of a protein includes its N-terminal and C-terminal.
  • Providing the sites and proportions of protein modification groups, such as glycosylation, acetylation, sulfate and phosphorylation.
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative information about protein degradation products.
  • Providing information of protein oxidation and deamination.

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  • Firstly, six kinds of proteases (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Asp-N, Glu-C, Lys-C and Lys-N) were used to digest and identify the target protein;
  • Then use nano LC-MS/MS or UV LC-MS/MS to analyze the sample;
  • Compare the whole sequence of peptide coverage/peptide map with the theoretical sequence provided by you;
  • Get the result of comparison.


  • Our peptide profiling is based on LC-MS/MS technology. Compared with the peptide profiling based on LC-MS or MALDI-TOF, our peptide mapping can give accurate conclusions about the primary structure and modification groups of the protein.
  • The tool developed by us can comprehensively search all kinds of possible modifiers reported in the literature, as well as the modifications specified by customers.
  • Double quantification was carried out in our peptide profiling combined with spectral detection and mass spectrometry detection. Accurate information can be given by small changes in the concentration of peptides and peptides that have not been completely separated in liquid chromatography.


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