* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
10-101-01 Tetracosactide Acetate 2933.5 C136H210N40O31S Inquiry
10-101-02 Alarelin acetate 1287.44 C60H86N16O16 Inquiry
10-101-03 Angiotensin II Acetate 1106.2 C52H75N13O14 Inquiry
10-101-05 Atosiban 994.19 C43H67N11O12S2 Inquiry
10-101-06 Bivalirudin Trifluoroacetate 2180.32 C98H138N24O33 Inquiry
10-101-07 Buserelin Acetate 1299.48 C62H90N16O15 Inquiry
10-101-10 Deslorelin Acetate 1342.5 C66H87N17O14 Inquiry
10-101-100 Thymosin β15 5285.05 C225H377N59O80S3 Inquiry
10-101-101 Triptorelin Pamoate 1744.96 C64H82N18O13 Inquiry
10-101-102 Depreotide 1357.69 C65H96N16O12S2 Inquiry
10-101-103 Vancomycin 1449.25 C66H75Cl2N9O24 Inquiry
10-101-104 Teicoplanin 1879.66 C88H95Cl2N9O33 Inquiry
10-101-105 Ramoplanin 2254.06 C106H170ClN21O30 Inquiry
10-101-106 Acetylcysteine Ph. Eur. 163.2 C5H9NO3S Inquiry
10-101-107 Adefovir Dipivoxil 501.48 C20H32N5O8P Inquiry
10-101-108 Antazoline Hydrochloride Ph. Eur. 265.36 (net), 301.82 (hydrochloride) C17H20ClN3 Inquiry
10-101-109 Antazoline Phosphate 265.36 (net), 363.35 (phosphate) C17H22N3O4P Inquiry
10-101-110 Antazoline Sulfate 363.35 C17H19N3·H2O4S Inquiry
10-101-111 Atomoxetine Hydrochloride 291.82 C17H21NO · HCl Inquiry
10-101-112 Bremelanotide 1025.18 C50H68N14O10 Inquiry

Creative Peptides is the world's first-choice supplier of peptides used as pharmaceutical agents with a range of more than 100 peptides and related products, from grams to kgs, generic standard to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. As a reliable partner for APIs manufacture, we have served a great many of customers by providing qualified APIs for their projects. Now they are broadly used in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes research, etc.

What are Peptides APIs?

APIs are also known as bulk pharmaceuticals, and the peptides used as APIs take a special vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Only the good management of API peptides synthesis can better serve the pharmaceutical industry as well as the human health.

Approaches for peptide preparation as APIs

  • Solution-phrase chemical synthesis
  • Solid-phrase chemical synthesis
  • Hybrid chemical synthesis
  • Native peptide isolation usually by extraction
  • Enzymatic synthesis
  • Fermentation
  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Semi-synthesis

From these approaches, there are two general strategies to prepare a peptide: through chemical synthesis or the application of biological methods. A combination of these two general strategies could also be applied in some cases.

ApproachScalePeptide lengthProcess developmentCost of process
Solution-phrase synthesisGram to kilogram to tonShort peptidesLongRelatively expensive
Solid-phrase synthesisMilligram to gram to kilogramMedium to long peptidesRapidExpensive
Hybrid synthesisGram to kilogram to tonLong peptides and proteinsRapidExpensive
Native isolationGram to kilogramLong peptides and proteinsLongExpensive
Enzymatic synthesisGram to kilogram to tonShort peptidesLongRelatively expensive
Recombinant DNAGram to kilogram to tonLong peptides and proteinsLongInexpensive
Semi-synthesisGram to kilogram to tonLong peptides and proteinsVery longRelatively expensive

Purification & isolation technique

Several techniques are available for the purification of peptides. Among them, crystallization, gel chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, low pressure hydrophobic interaction chromatography, countercurrent distribution, partition chromatography and RP-HPLC are the most popular for the industrial purification of peptides. However, crystallization is the first-choice technique due to its low cost, but it is difficult to apply to peptides containing more than four to five residues, because longer peptides are generally difficult to crystallize. For the isolation of longer peptides, precipitation is sometimes successfully applied.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Regulation of Therapeutic Peptides

In 2013, the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Therapeutic Peptides Expert Panel was established to assess quality attributes for synthetic peptide APIs based on currently available regulatory direction and expectations. According to the panel explores the current manufacturing and regulatory landscape bring out three articles as below. These articles provide a comprehensive overview of quality attributes to be considered for successful synthetic peptide APIs development from manufacturing to lot release.

  • The first article described analytical characterization methods, lot-release tests and points to consider for synthetic peptide APIs manufacturers entering the market.
  • The second article covered raw materials used in the chemical synthesis of peptides and their potential influence on the quality attributes of the final APIs. A special focus of this article will be on guarded amino acid derivatives, setting their specifications and types of quality control tests necessary to ensure consistent quality of the final APIs.
  • The last article is concentrated on manufacturing process and impurity control for synthetic peptide APIs.

USP hopes that the work of the Therapeutic Peptides Expert Panel and those articles can offer more constant management to help support efforts to create a maintainable platform for the development of peptide-based drugs.

Why Creative Peptides?

With years of extensive experience on APIs manufacture, Creative Peptides is able to provide comprehensive support for all stages of APIs development and production. With the advanced technologies and innovative methodologies, your unique requirement can be satisfied. Below is a list of the API peptides we are currently offering. If you have any request for API peptides synthesis, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team will generate a quote for you with price and delivery time at their first available moment.

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).
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Creative Peptides has accumulated a huge library of peptide knowledge including frontier peptide articles, application of peptides, useful tools, and more!

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