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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
CP00101 D-Alanine 89.09 C3H7NO2 Inquiry
CP00102 DL-Alanine 89.09 C3H7NO2 Inquiry
CP00103 L-Alanine 89.09 Inquiry
CP00302 D-Asparagine 132.12 C4H8N2O3 Inquiry
CP00304 L-Asparagine 132.12 Inquiry
CP00401 D-Aspartic acid 133.1 C4H7NO4 Inquiry
CP00403 L- Aspartic acid 133.1 C20H21NO6 Inquiry
CP00602 D-Cysteine 121.16 Inquiry
CP00603 DL-Cysteine 121.16 C3H7NO2S Inquiry
CP00701 D-Glutamic acid 147.1 C5H9NO4 Inquiry
CP00702 L-Glutamic acid 147.1 Inquiry
CP00801 D-Glutamine 146.2 Inquiry
CP00802 L-Glutamine 146.2 C4H7NO4 Inquiry
CP00803 DL-Glutamine 146.2 C5H10N2O3 Inquiry
CP01204 D-Isoleucine 131.2 Inquiry
CP01205 L-Isoleucine 131.2 C6H13NO2 Inquiry
CP01206 DL-Isoleucine 131.2 Inquiry
CP01301 D-Leucine 131.2 C6H13NO2 Inquiry
CP01302 L-Leucine 131.2 C6H12ClNO4 Inquiry
CP01303 DL-Leucine 131.2 C6H13NO2 Inquiry


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