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Creative Peptides relies on its proprietary peptide technology to establish an efficient, stable and high-throughput peptide synthesis platform to provide customers with various label peptides. Among them, peptide biotinylation is an effective method to specifically bind peptides to the surface of streptavidin coating.

Application of Biotinylated Peptides

  • Biotinylated peptides are very useful in immunoassay studies, such as connecting peptides to microtitration plates coated with antibiotic proteins.
  • Biotinylated peptides can be conjugated with avidin magnetic beads to form resins, which can be used in peptide pulldown test.
  • The introduction of spacers between biotin and peptides can be used to reduce the subsequent steric hindrance of the binding of biotin to avidin. This can be a hydrocarbon chain (for example, provided by aminocaproic acid) or polyethylene oxide. The latter has the additional advantage of improving the solubility of reagents and biotinylated peptides.
  • Biotin-avidin (or biotin-streptavidin) interactions have been used for decades as the basis for many laboratory research techniques to label, detect and purify peptides, proteins and other biomolecules.

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Creative Peptides routinely synthesizes peptides with the biotin tags. The label is usually attached to the N-terminal or C-terminal, and the N-terminal biotinylation can be carried out directly on the primary amino group, while the biotinylation is usually carried out on the ε-amino group of C-terminal lysine. In the preparation of biotinylated peptides, an important consideration is to ensure that there are sufficient spacers between the biotin groups and the amino acids expected to interact with macromolecules in the peptides. To avoid spatial barriers, a junction can be inserted between biotin and peptide sequences. Peptides are separated from peptides by various so-called connectors or spacers with different lengths and polarities.

Our Advantages

  • Highly skilled and committed scientific staff
  • Excellent Cyclic Peptide synthesis service
  • Free peptide consultation and design
  • Superior technical support
  • In quantities of several milligrams up to 100 grams
  • Quality assurance: At each stage of the production cycle, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and HPLC analysis are used to check the quality of each peptide.


  1. Zhang, M., Ai, W. W., Mei, Z. L., Hu, Y. H., & Zhang, Z. L. (2017). Delivery of biotinylated IGF-1 with biotinylated self-assembling peptides combined with bone marrow stem cell transplantation promotes cell therapy for myocardial infarction. Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 14(4), 3441-3446.
  2. Sato, A., & Ebina, K. (2019). A biotinylated peptide, BP21, alleviates hypotension in anaphylactic mice. Journal of Peptide Science, 25(8), e3197.
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