Peptide-DNA Conjugation

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Peptide-DNA conjugates have a variety of uses. Creative Peptides can cooperate with customers to provide customized conjugates according to their needs. Creative Peptides provides high-quality peptide DNA conjugate through selective cross-linking chemical reaction. We offer a wide range of synthetic scales, modifications and purifications to customize your strict requirements for Peptide-DNA Conjugation.

Peptide-DNA Conjugation

Introduction of Peptide-DNA Conjugation

Peptide-DNA conjugates are molecular chimeras composed of nucleic acid moieties covalently attached to polypeptide parts and are used in a variety of applications such as therapy and nanotechnology. A common strategy is to combine a cell-penetrating carrier peptide with a phosphorosulfate DNA chain that enhances the nuclease attack ability. Such conjugates can be used in "knockout" studies to study the effects of gene expression and how multiple genes interact. Creative Peptides provides customized synthesis and joining of peptides and DNA oligomers. We also have a series of cell penetrating peptides ready to combine with your modified DNA or DNA synthesized by Creative Peptides. DNA lacks suitable nucleophilic or electrophilic reagents and cannot be coupled to peptides, so they are introduced through functionalized phosphoramidite monomers. Some of the most common reactive moieties include amines, thiols, azides/alkynes (for click chemistry), alkoxyamines or hydrazines, and aldehydes.

Application of Peptide-DNA Conjugation

Peptide-DNA Conjugation can be used for diagnosis and targeted drug delivery, and materials for regenerative medicine. Peptide-DNA Conjugation-based biological materials such as hydrogels, nanofibers, or functional surfaces designed to interact with cells and affect their behavior. To improve cell survival, guide stem cell differentiation, stimulate damaged tissue regeneration or study basic biological processes in a more natural environment. Peptide-DNA conjugates can also be used as a reversible cross-linking agent to mediate matrix stiffness, or to guide the reversible polymerization and/or bundling of peptide nanofibers to adjust morphology. Peptide-DNA Conjugation can also be used to create sequence-specific peptide polymers that are not connected by amide bonds, which can produce materials with enzymatic degradation or completely new folding motifs and functions.

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