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Creative Peptides is pleased to provide you with a continuously growing and diverse portfolio of PEGs which will help you improve the success of your drug discovery research. For Peptide PEGylation, we usually use standard amide bond formation to connect PEG to peptides, but we can also use other linking chemicals (for example, mercapto-Maleimide, oxime binding, click chemistry). Pegylated peptides can overcome many challenges of candidate peptide drugs.

Application of Peptide PEGylation

Peptides play a key role in the pharmaceutical industry and drug treatment development, but their application in vivo is limited due to rapid protease degradation, poor solubility, poor antigen reaction and glomerular filtration of the kidney. The covalent binding of polyethylene glycol (PEG) chain to peptides is a way to reduce immunogenicity, improve solubility and reduce renal clearance. The addition of monodisperse PEG chain may be a factor in the development of safe and effective pegylated peptides and is essential for achieving the best therapeutic effect.

Available Peptide PEGylation Services

  • PEG Carrier


  • PEG Spacer

PEG- Spacer

  • Mini-PEG1


  • Mini-PEG2


  • Mini-PEG3



  • Cost-effective custom synthesis
  • Highly skilled and committed scientific staff
  • Specialize in synthesis of monodispersed PEG derivatives with a variety of functional groups
  • Superior technical support
  • In quantities of several milligrams up to 100 grams
  • Quality assurance: HPLC chromatogram and Mass spec analysis


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