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Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Common peptide synthesis strategy is solid phase synthesis, which sequence generally synthesized from the N-terminus (amino terminus) to the C-terminus (carboxy terminus). In the past, peptide synthesis is carried out in solution so it is called liquid phase synthesis. Since Merrifield developed the solid phase synthesis method of peptide in 1963, it has been improved and perfected continuously. Today, the solid phase synthesis method has become a kind of common technique in the synthesis of peptides and proteins, showing the advantages unmatched by classical liquid phase synthesis, thus reducing the difficulty of purification of each step of the product greatly.


Our Services

  1. Custom MHC-peptides Tetramer Synthesis

MHC tetramer is a complex of 4 MHC molecules associated with loaded peptide, which is bound to a fluorescently labeled streptavidin molecule. Monomeric MHC molecule is loaded with its cognate peptide, and biotin is linked to the complex at a site far removed from the T-cell recognition site.

  1. Peptide Nucleic Acid Synthesis

PNAs, or peptide nucleic acids, is an analogue of oligonucleotide in which sugar-phosphate backbone has been replaced by a polyamide chain. Due to the unique backbone of PNA, it can be used in same applications as conventional DNA/RNA.

  1. Recombinant Peptide Synthesis  

Recombinant expression of peptides offers a better alternative process to synthetically generate or isolated from natural sources. It produced relatively better quality peptides (in terms of purity) than chemical process, initial cost and time required for the development of recombinant process is higher than chemical process.

  1. Peptoid Synthesis  

Peptoids are a bioinspired material whose properties lie in between natural biopolymers and nonnatural synthetic polymers. Like biopolymers, they are information-rich polymers, offering precise control of main chain length, side chain, functionality, and monomer sequence.

  1. Stapled Peptide Synthesis  

Stapled peptides have been shown safe, efficacious, and biological pathway specific in animal models of human cancer driven by Bcl-2 overexpression and constitutive activation of the NOTCH transcriptional activation pathway.

  1. Peptide Library/Array Synthesis  

The overlapping peptide library is most commonly used for linear, continuous epitope mapping, where the aim is to generate a library of overlapping peptide sequences of specific length and specific offset, to cover the entire native protein sequence.

  1. Long Peptides Synthesis  

Long synthetic peptides (LSPs) have a variety of important clinical uses as synthetic vaccines and drugs. It often used for structural analysis by electron paramagnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography, and NMR or are immobilized as bait in affinity chromatography. Therefore, quantity and purity requirements for LSPs are high.

  1. Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis  

Large-scale quantities of peptides (>1g) are practical for use as biological additives in healthcare products or therapeutics containing synthetic peptides.

  1. OligoPeptide Synthesis  

We have been producing synthetic oligopeptides for many years. Our experience and manufacturing capabilities in oligopeptide synthesis manufacturing allows us to produce the highest quality, large-scale oligopeptides with a high success rate.

  1. Bicyclic Peptides Synthesis Service

Bicyclic peptides are polypeptides forming two circular units that typically between 9 and 15 amino acids in size. Bicyclic peptides form one of the most promising platforms for drug development owing to their biocompatibility, similarity and chemical diversity to proteins, and they are considered as a possible practical tool in various therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Creative Peptides provides high-quality, low-cost, high-tech peptide products to customers around the world. The company's products have been successfully sold to pharmaceutical companies including Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides’ stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:

  1. HPLC chromatogram
  2. Mass spec analysis
  3. Synthesis report
  4. Certificate of Analyses

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If you have any peptide synthesis requirement in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We will endeavor to provide highly satisfying products and services.

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