Multiple Antigenic Peptides and Dendrimers

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With rich experience in peptide synthesis, Creative Peptides provides a series of antigen peptide services to generate an appropriate peptide antigen for the antibody generation process, and has developed a professional peptide evaluation tool to assist in the design of new antigen peptides.

Multiple Antigenic Peptides and Dendrimers

Multiple antigen peptides (MAPs) are a kind of radially branched polymeric peptide macromolecules, composed of a branched peptide core and surface-active peptides connected by covalent bonds, which are different from the traditional linear peptide complexes on the tandem amino acid backbone. It has a high enough molar ratio of antigen to core that it can be used as an immunogen without the need to connect to the carrier protein.

Synthesis Strategy

In its original design, MAP was a simple dendron radiating directly from the lysine core, but the concept can be naturally extended to more tree-like constructs where a single sequence ('tail', see Reaction Scheme) forks out into 2n branches (n usually ≤3). Like other dendrimers, MAPs can be synthetically approached by divergent or convergent methods. The synthesis of MAP can be problematic, as the strict spacing between each of the eight branches might lead to aggregation of the peptides on the resin. This could result in low coupling yields and peptide deletions. Creative Peptides has developed a synthesis strategy for MAPs to overcome these issues, which allows the production of the desired peptide dendrimer at an increased yield.

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