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Peptide Antigen Design

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Introduction of peptide antigens

Peptide antigen, namely, a peptide used to trigger animal’s immune system to develop antibodies specific to that peptide. Nowadays, the use of synthetic peptide antigens as immunogens has markedly increased, and this technique is also widely applied for immune research such as tumor immunotherapy etc. Although many peptide sequences are immunogenic, not all of them are identically effective in generating antibodies when act against the target protein. Effective antibody generation depends on several factors that need to be considered at the very first stage of peptides designing.

Importance of peptide antigens

Mimicking specific parts of the target protein, peptide antigens can provide much flexibility for scientific research. However, most of synthetic peptides are composed of 10AA -25AA, which are too short to generate a strong immune response without prior conjugation to a carrier protein such as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), Ovalbumin (OVA) or Thyroglobulin (Tg). Creative peptides specialists can help with antigen design to maximize the chances that the peptide used as antigen can generate sufficient and effective antibody.

Example of our glycopeptides for generation antibody

In recently years, there is an increasing attention focused on the function of glycopeptides. As we know, extracellular secreted proteins are often glycosylated, especially the extracellular segments. Glycoproteins are also the most important integral membrane proteins, and play a role in cell–cell interactions. With the increasing demand of antigen peptides, Creative Peptides is endeavor to support customers with superior antigen peptides services. Please kindly check below Fig. 2 for the glycosylation sites of Apolipoprotein J to generate mAbs as an example of our antigen peptides service.

Fig. 2 Example of our glycopeptides for generation antibody

Products of antigen peptides
• Antigens from Infectious Diseases
• Collections
• Tumor Associated Antigens
• Control Pools
• Tumor Antigen-derived Peptides

Last but not least, Creative Peptides also provides remarkable one-step services from synthesis peptides to generation antibody. We are confident in applying our experience, industry and regulatory knowledge to design actual strategic packages pertinent to customers’ project.

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