Tumor Antigen Derived Peptides

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
ta-002 Matrix protein 1 (27-35) Inquiry
ta-003 Matrix protein 1 (229-237) Inquiry
ta-004 Mucin-1 precursor (12-20) Inquiry
ta-005 Genome polyprotein (192-205) Inquiry
ta-006 Proto-oncogene PIM1 (191-199) Inquiry
ta-007 DAPK2 protein (1-9) Inquiry
ta-008 MART 1 peptide Inquiry
ta-009 NY-ESO-1 (157-165) Inquiry
ta-010 MART-1(27-35) 813.98 C37H67N9O11 Inquiry
ta-012 NY-ESO-1 peptide Inquiry
ta-014 gp100(209-217) 1005.12 C46H72N10O15 Inquiry
ta-015 Melanoma antigen gp100 (280-288) Inquiry
ta-016 CDK4-R24C Inquiry
ta-017 gp100(17-25) 843.02 C38H70N10O11 Inquiry
ta-018 Tyrosinase 240 –251 1404.5 Inquiry
ta-019 MAGE-1 (161-169) 975.9 C41H57N11O17 Inquiry
ta-020 MAGE-3 (271-279) 1058.28 C53H79N13O10 Inquiry
ta-021 Nucleoprotein (265-273) 980.17 C43H77N15O11 Inquiry
ta-022 MART-1(32-40) Inquiry
ta-023 gp100 (209-217) 1035.21 C47H74N10O14S Inquiry

Creative Peptides can offer off-the-shelf tumor antigen peptides that can be used for antigen stimulation research by our clients. We especially provide customized GMP grade tumor antigen peptides with competitive price.

Tumor antigen is an antigenic substance produced in tumor cells, and it triggers an immune response in the host. Based on the pattern of expression, tumor antigens can be classified into two main categories: tumor-specific antigens (TSA), which are present only on tumor cells; Tumor-associated antigens (TAA), which are present on both tumor cells and some normal cells. Some researchers also declared that there was another type of tumor antigens, which is cancer-germline/cancer testis antigens (CTAs). CTAs are normally expressed in testis, fetal ovaries, and trophoblasts, but can also be expressed in cancer cells. Due to the unique character of CTAs, they have received considerable attention as attractive targets for immunotherapy.


Antigen-based antitumor immunotherapy has grown rapidly in recent years. Several approaches to specific immunotherapy require a human leukocyte antigen HLA typing to apply this individually tailored therapy, including vaccination with HLA-restricted peptides, vaccination with epitope-encoding vectors, and transfer of ex vivo stimulated and proliferated antigen-specific T cells. Among these approaches, Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) have shown the most promising results. ACT, also known as TIL (tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes) therapy and adoptive T-cell transfer therapy, is an immunotherapy treatment that modifies a patient’s own immune cells to activate the immune system against cancer. Typically, adoptive transfer approach consists of the infusion of autologous lymphocytes with antitumor properties. These lymphocytes can be derived from unmodified (i.e., naturally occurring) T cells isolated from resected tumors (TIL) or genetically engineered T cells recognizing tumor antigens [T-cell receptors (TCR) or chimeric antigen receptors (CAR)].

Tumor Antigen derived Peptides

Recently, a clinical development paradigm of ACT for cancer vaccines has been reported. In this study, scientists have used adoptive transfer of T cells specifically targeting mutant KRAS G12D for metastatic colon cancer therapy. The result shows that tumors have durable complete regression, in 20 to 25% of patients who received this therapy. Those good results gave people hope for cure of cancer.

With more than a decade of committed service to the peptide industry, Creative Peptides has substantial, long-standing expertise in providing tumor antigen-derived peptides. We have the ability to offer our clients with high quality personalized customized GMP grade tumor antigen peptides with competitive price.

Creative Peptides is a trusted provider of high-quality peptides to researchers and pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Please check our list of some of the Tumor antigen-derived peptides we offer. If you have a different CPPs synthesis requirement in mind, please feel free to contact us. And our sales team will quickly generate a quote for you with price and delivery time.

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).
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