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According to our total peptide library, we have constructed an advanced High-throughput screening (HTS) peptide drug screening platform, using this platform to provide customers with peptide drug design and management automation services.


High-throughput screening (HTS) technology is based on experimental methods at the molecular and cellular levels, using microplates as the experimental tool carrier, performing the test process with an automated operating system, collecting experimental result data with sensitive and rapid detection equipment, and analyzing it by computer processing experimental data, detecting tens of millions of samples at the same time, and using the corresponding database to support the operation of the technical system, it has the characteristics of trace, fast, sensitive and accurate.

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According to the peptide sequence information provided by Creative Peptides total peptide library, we have constructed an advanced HTS peptide drug screening platform, which uses a microtiter plate to screen in 96, 384 and 1536 well plates in miniature format. Through a reasonable and effective HTS process, using strict quality control metrics to identify poor data, and the standardized mean difference (SSMD) is used to evaluate the data quality in HTS analysis to improve hit screening. According to customer needs, Creative Peptides can provide low-cost new drug screening services. Specifically, we provide customers with peptide drug design and management automation services.

Peptide Drug Screening Service

Advantage of Our Peptide Drug Screening Service

  • High hit screening rate
  • There is no interference between peptide drugs during screening
  • Low cost and fast mass screening
  • All purified peptides come with complete QC data sets, including RP-HPLC, MS, etc.
  • No cross contamination: directly freeze dry peptide in orifice or single tube to avoid cross contamination.


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