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A branched peptide is a type of peptide that contains multiple peptide chains that are connected to a central core. The central core is typically a branching point that connects the different peptide chains. Creative Peptides can produce branched peptide on lysine backbones or dendrimers as well as conjugation to carrier proteins (BSA / KLH / OVA ).

Tetrabranched peptideTetrabranched peptide (Jlenia Brunetti, et al. 2018)

General Properties of Branched Peptides

  • Branched peptides are multivalent molecules with unambiguous chemical structure. The bulkier structure compared to that of the linear analogues gives them exceptional protease stability and therefore longer in vivo half-life.
  • Branched peptides, also known as peptide oligodendrimers, have proved stable to plasma proteases and peptidases and generally bind strongly to their target due to multivalent interactions.
  • Enhanced solubility compared to linear peptides.
  • Branched peptides also have unique binding properties and can be used as scaffolds.

List and main features of branched peptides

Peptide sequenceActivityProperties
(KKIRVRLSA)4K2K-βalaAntimicrobial peptideActivity against different multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria; anti-inflammatory effects in vitro and in vivo
(KACRKK)2*KLKBBAYAntimicrobial peptideActivity against C. albicans, S. aureus, and E. coli
(KL)8(KKL)4(KKL)2KKLAntimicrobial peptideIn vitro activity against several Gram-negative strains
(pyELYENKPRRPYIL)4K2K-βalaAntitumor activityCancer-selective targeting agents in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo
(KCCYSL)NH2Antitumor activity of liposomes decorated with P6.1 peptideActivity as target-selective delivery system to cancer cells overexpressing human epidermal growth factor receptor-2
Reducible branched cationic polypeptide (RBCP)Antitumor activity of a dual sensitive branched codelivery system RHD/p53In vitro and in vivo studies indicated that the system RHD/p53 could enhance antitumor efficacy, which provides a useful strategy for co-delivery of different therapeutic agents in tumor treatment

Application of Branched Peptides

Drug development: Branched peptides can provide enhanced stability, solubility, and bioavailability compared to linear peptides, which can improve their therapeutic potential. They can also be designed to target specific receptors or enzymes, making them useful for the development of targeted therapies.

Vaccine development: By presenting multiple copies of an antigen on a branched peptide, it is possible to stimulate a stronger immune response than with a linear peptide.

Biomaterials: For example, branched peptides can self-assemble into nanofibers, which can be used as scaffolds for tissue engineering or drug delivery.

Diagnostics: Used as probes for imaging or diagnostic purposes. By attaching a fluorescent or radioactive label to a branched peptide, it is possible to visualize specific targets in vivo or in vitro.

Steps for Synthesizing Branched Peptides

Steps for Synthesizing Branched Peptides

Our Services

  • Synthesize a variety of branched peptides
  • Conjugation branched peptides to other molecules, such as proteins, liposomes, polymer nanoparticles or metal nanoparticles.
  • Characterization of branched peptides

We have long-term peptide synthesis experience and rich expertise. Please contact us at the department of custom services when you intend to modify your peptide by branching.

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