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Epitope Mapping Services

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Epitope Mapping Services

Epitope Mapping is an essential aspect in the discovery and development of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. It can aid in the selection of optimized therapeutic MAbs, elucidate cancer-specific epitope markers, and define the protective (and in some cases pathogenic) effects of vaccines. Based on our advanced peptide library platform, Creative Peptides provides a comprehensive series of Epitope Mapping Services to fulfill customers' demand. Our Creative MapTM Platform is developed to map various epitopes flexibly.

Client provides:
Comprehensive services: Our Creative MapTM Platform is versatile enough to map both linear and conformational epitopes.
• Unparalleled accuracy: Minimized unspecific interactions by optimized detection methods
• Advanced technology: Proprietary Creative MapTM technology ensures quality
• In house peptide library synthesis and assay development
• Fast delivery: Delivery starting from 4 weeks

We deliver:
Description of experiments
• Data analysis
• Detailed report with results and discussion
Workflow and Timelines
Starting from order confirmation, the workflow of any Creative MapTM Service is based on the following processes and timelines:
• Please provide us with the relevant antigen sequence (e.g. FASTA format antigen) by email.
• Creative MapTM peptide microarray production (2.5 weeks)
• Please send us your antibody or serum sample(s) according to our sample submission form.
• After finalization of the peptide synthesis, your sample(s) will be analyzed within 1-2 weeks.
• Subsequent data evaluation and reporting will take an additional week.
Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you. Please be free to contact us.

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