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* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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As a professional biomedical company, Creative Peptides is focused on providing cutting-edge metabolite identification (MetID) services to the global scientific research and medical elite, leading the new era of health science. MetID platform, as a high-end service platform for drug metabolism science, specializes in the identification and structural characterization of metabolites, and plays a core role in the safety assessment, effectiveness verification, and understanding of pharmacokinetic characteristics in the process of drug development. The platform relies on cutting-edge analytical technologies, such as liquid chromatograph-high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS), to accurately discover and identify drug metabolites from various biological samples (plasma, urine, tissue samples, etc.), ensuring scientific decision-making at all stages of drug development.

Metabolite generation and identification process

The core functions of the MetID platform

In-depth analysis of metabolic pathways: By combining ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) with high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), such as the UPLC-QTOF MS and Orbitrap MS systems, the platform can efficiently isolate and precisely identify the diverse metabolites produced by the oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis and binding reactions of peptide drugs, helping to reveal the metabolic weaknesses of drugs. To guide the optimization of drug structure to improve pharmacokinetic performance (PK).

Precise assessment of metabolic stability: Using liver microsomes, S9 components and primary hepatocyte models, the platform can accurately simulate the metabolic stability of drugs in vitro, providing scientific basis for predicting metabolic trends in vivo, rationally selecting animal models and understanding cross-species metabolic differences.

Precise identification of active metabolites: Clear identification of active metabolites is crucial to understanding the pharmacodynamic (PD) effects of drugs, and the platform provides strategic basis for optimizing the active status of drugs or avoiding the risk of adverse reactions through accurate identification.

Sensitive detection of reactive metabolites: Using GSH capture technology and other means, the platform can detect reactive metabolites that may cause toxic reactions early, preventing safety risks in the later development stage.

Data processing and intelligent analysis: With the integration of advanced software tools such as UNIFI and MetaSense workstations, the platform realizes intelligent, semi-automated and even fully automatic screening and identification of metabolites. Combined with chemometrics, computer-aided prediction and artificial expert systems, the analysis efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved, and false positives and omissions are effectively reduced.

MetID platform offers a range of customized services

In vitro and in vivo metabolite identification services: Through the in vitro incubation model simulating the in vivo environment and direct analysis of in vivo samples, comprehensive analysis of the main metabolic pathways and potential metabolic weaknesses of drugs.

Specific identification of reactive metabolites: Sensitive techniques are used to capture and analyze reactive metabolites to provide critical information for drug toxicological evaluation.

Cutting-edge application of high-resolution mass spectrometry technology: With the excellent performance of UPLC-HRMS technology, precise separation and structural analysis of low concentration metabolites can be achieved.

Data processing and software-assisted analysis: Use a series of professional software, such as Compound Discoverer, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of metabolite identification.

Metabolic model customization: Scientific selection of metabolic models and optimization of research strategies according to drug characteristics and research needs.

Structural confirmation and metabolic network analysis: NMR and other advanced technologies are used to confirm metabolites and further delineate the metabolic map of drugs.

Comprehensive consulting and detailed reporting: Provide detailed reports including the structure, abundance and metabolic pathways of metabolites, supplemented by professional advice, to help optimize the entire process of drug development and decision support.

Our core service advantage

Platform strength led by cutting-edge technology: We are proud to use the industry's leading technology equipment to ensure that all research activities are performed to the highest standards, both to ensure the top quality of data and to achieve a significant increase in research efficiency. This not only accelerates the pace of scientific discovery, but also lays a solid foundation for precision medicine and new drug development.

Intelligent data processing and analysis: The platform combines advanced software tools, such as UNIFI and MetaSense workstations, to not only provide manual, semi-automatic to fully automated metabolite identification processes, but also leverage artificial intelligence and stoichiometric methods to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of data processing. This helps to quickly identify and parse large amounts of complex data, reduce human errors, and shorten development cycles.

High performance hardware with professional team: The platform relies on high-performance laboratory equipment, such as Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-CLASS PLUS/XEVO G3 QTOF, combined with a team of experienced scientists to ensure high quality and efficiency in the identification of metabolites. These experts are not only proficient in the technical details of the identification of metabolites, but also able to flexibly respond to various challenges in drug metabolism research and provide professional technical support and solutions.

Full chain integrated solution: We provide not only an isolated service, but a one-stop integrated service system. From detailed project planning and design, to in-depth data mining and analysis, to rigorous report preparation and interpretation, we accompany you throughout the whole process to ensure that every link is seamless and create a worry-free experience for you from start to finish.

Agile, efficient and responsive to market demands: In a fast-paced research environment, timing is everything. With our efficient project management system and flexible service model, we ensure that every project can be successfully completed within the scheduled time and even exceed expectations. No matter how rapidly the market changes, we can quickly adjust our strategy to ensure that your research progress is always one step ahead.


1. What is Metabolite Identification (MetID)?

Metabolite Identification (MetID) is a process used to determine the chemical structures and properties of metabolites. This process is crucial for understanding the metabolic pathways, pharmacokinetics, and potential toxicology of drug candidates.

2. How does your MetID Platform work?

Our MetID platform combines advanced analytical techniques, such as LC-MS/MS and NMR spectroscopy, with state-of-the-art software tools. This integration allows us to provide detailed identification and characterization of metabolites with high accuracy and speed.

3. What types of samples can be analyzed using your MetID Platform?

We can analyze a variety of sample types, including biological fluids (plasma, urine, etc.), tissue samples, cell culture media, and synthetic mixtures. Our platform is versatile and adaptable to different matrices.

4. How accurate are your MetID results?

Our platform uses highly sensitive and accurate analytical instruments, coupled with rigorous data analysis protocols, ensuring that our MetID results are both reliable and reproducible.

5. Can you handle high-throughput screening for metabolites?

Yes, our platform is designed to handle high-throughput screening. We can process multiple samples efficiently, making it ideal for large-scale studies or routine analysis.

6. What information will I receive in the MetID report?

Our MetID reports typically include detailed structural elucidation of metabolites, quantification data, metabolic pathways, possible biotransformation reactions, and any relevant pharmacokinetic or toxicological insights.

7. What are the costs associated with your MetID services?

The cost of our MetID services varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. We provide a detailed quote after a preliminary discussion of your needs. Please contact us for a customized quote.

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).
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