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* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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As a professional biomedical company, Creative Peptides has brought together a team of top scientists and technical elites, and built a highly integrated platform for target protein expression and cell line construction. This platform seamlessly integrates core technology modules such as gene cloning, vector engineering, cell transduction, and robust cell line screening, and is committed to providing global research partners with comprehensive solutions from gene sequencing to protein products, from basic cell research to drug development.

What is target protein?

Target proteins, as key molecules that perform specific physiological functions in organisms, can accurately match and interact with drugs, antibodies and a variety of bioactive molecules, and their members cover the hub proteins of signal transduction pathways, catalases, cell surface receptors, transporters and other core macromolecules that maintain cell homeostasis. In the grand blueprint of pharmaceutical research and development, target proteins occupy a core position and become the key to unlock the design and development of new drugs. By elaborating the structure and function of these proteins, researchers can design compounds that precisely interfere with their activity, paving the way for the treatment of complex diseases.

In cancer research, for example, proteins that regulate cell proliferation, promote angiogenesis, or avoid apoptosis have become important targets. In the framework of diabetes research, insulin receptor and its related sensitivity regulation proteins have become the focus of exploration. In addition, the scope of target protein research goes beyond the traditional medical field, and actively influences the innovation of biotechnology, the advancement of agricultural science (improving crop quality and stress resistance), and the expansion of industrial applications.

In view of this, the identification, efficient expression, purification and in-depth functional investigation of target proteins constitute the cornerstone of modern biomedical exploration, and have immeasurable value in unlocking the mysteries of life, promoting the discovery of new drugs and promoting the innovation of biological products.

Our professional service system

Target protein precise expression service

Objective gene selection: According to the scientific research goals and needs, carefully select the most suitable target protein coding sequence.

Customized carrier construction: Scientifically select prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression systems based on protein characteristics, and ensure accurate insertion and sequence verification of target genes through advanced genetic engineering technology.

Efficient expression and optimization: Optimize the process of receptor cell preparation, implement accurate recombinant plasmid transformation, and activate protein expression with appropriate induction strategies.

Rigorous screening and functional confirmation: Advanced screening techniques are used to identify highly expressed strains, and the functional integrity and expected activity of target proteins are ensured through rigorous identification.

High-performance cell line customization services

Scientific cell selection: Select the most suitable host cell model according to research needs.

Optimize cell culture systems: promote healthy cell growth in a carefully formulated culture environment.

Stable transfection and cell line construction: Perform efficient cell transfection strategies to construct cell lines that stably express target proteins.

Systematic screening and authoritative identification: Relying on efficient screening mechanisms, stable expression cell lines were identified and validated to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the study.

Why choose Creative Peptides?

  • Excellent protein expression ability

We adopt cutting-edge expression techniques and optimization schemes to ensure the efficient production of target proteins in selected hosts, significantly reducing the experimental period and accelerating the research process. With a variety of flexible expression systems - including prokaryotes (E. coli), eukaryotes (yeast, insects and mammalian cells) and cell-free systems - we match each protein to the optimal folding and active preservation environment to maximize expression efficiency.

  • Long-lasting stable cell line construction

Using gene transduction, virus-mediated or advanced CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing techniques, we firmly integrate target genes into the genetic material of host cells, creating cell lines that consistently and efficiently express target proteins. This process incorporates well-designed screening markers (such as antibiotic tolerance genes) and stable expression screening mechanisms (G418 screening, etc.) to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the cell line.

  • Deeply customized solutions

We design and implement highly customized protein expression strategies tailored to our customers' individual needs. From the careful selection of vectors, the embedding of functional tags (GFP, His tags, etc.) to the configuration of efficient promoters, every step is designed to improve the efficiency of expression and convenience of post-analysis, and fully meet the specific scientific research objectives of customers.

  • Professional research support team

We have formed a technical support team composed of senior industry experts to provide customers with comprehensive guidance from experimental planning to data analysis. The close communication and cooperation mechanism ensures that each project can be accurately promoted and the expected scientific research results can be achieved.

  • Wide application value

Our platform for protein expression and cell line construction shows a wide range of applicability, covering a variety of protein types such as structural proteins, enzymes, and membrane proteins, providing strong support for many frontier fields such as basic biological research, new drug development, and biotechnology innovation.

  • Maximize cost effectiveness

By continuously optimizing the experimental process and simplifying the operation steps, we effectively help our customers control the research cost, maximize the limited budget and promote the successful implementation of more high-value scientific research projects under the premise of ensuring the quality of scientific research.


1. What types of target proteins can you express?

We can express a wide range of proteins, including membrane proteins, enzymes, antibodies, and cytokines. We work with various expression systems such as bacterial (E. coli), yeast, insect (Sf9), and mammalian cells (HEK293, CHO).

2. How do you ensure high protein yield and purity?

We optimize expression conditions, including induction parameters and media composition. Proteins are purified using affinity chromatography, ion exchange, and gel filtration techniques. Each step is monitored to ensure maximum yield and purity.

3. What is the typical timeline for a project?

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, gene cloning and vector construction take 2-3 weeks, expression and purification take another 3-4 weeks, and cell line establishment can take 2-3 months. We provide a detailed project plan with estimated timelines upon project initiation.

4. How do you confirm the identity and functionality of the expressed protein?

We use SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, mass spectrometry, and activity assays to confirm the identity and functionality of the expressed protein. Functional assays are tailored to the specific activity of the target protein.

5. Can you create stable cell lines expressing my target protein?

Yes, we can generate stable cell lines. We use antibiotic selection and single-cell cloning techniques to ensure stable integration and expression of the target gene. We also verify the expression through various analytical methods.

6. What information do you need from me to start the project?

We need the sequence of the target gene, any specific requirements for the expression system or tags, and details about the desired application of the expressed protein. If available, providing structural and functional information about the protein can also be helpful.

7. Can you provide customized services tailored to my specific needs?

Absolutely. We offer customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your project, including specific expression systems, purification tags, and functional assays. Discuss your needs with us, and we will design a bespoke project plan.

8. What kind of documentation and data will I receive at the end of the project?

At the conclusion of the project, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the experimental procedures, optimization steps, expression and purification results, analytical data, and any relevant assays. Additionally, we provide the purified protein, stable cell lines, and any remaining reagents.

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).
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