Total Peptide Library Construction Technology

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Based on Creative Peptides Design PlatformTM (CPDP), we have constructed a total peptide library, which is a "new seed bank" for new drug research and development in the world, to fill the gap in peptide library construction technology at home and abroad.


The total peptide library is a collection of a large number of small peptide of specific length and different sequences, which includes the permutation and combination of various amino acid sequences in the short peptide of this length. The general synthetic peptide library uses 20 kinds of natural amino acids as building units, and the size of the library capacity is determined by the number of amino acids (n) that constitute a peptide of a specific length, which can be simply calculated as 20n. For example, to construct a dipeptide library, there are 202 (400=4×102) combinations, the tripeptide library has 203 (8,000=8×103) combinations, and so on. Therefore, the larger library capacity complicates the synthesis of peptide drugs and becomes a bottleneck in the development of peptide drugs.

Application of Total Peptide Library

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Creative Peptides Design PlatformTM (CPDP) has developed peptide information compression technology, which uses bioinformatics methods to compress peptide information, which can integrate the information of multiple peptide into one peptide, so as to contain a large amount of peptide information in a relatively small storage volume. It opens up a new way to research and develop peptide drugs. Based on this technology, we have constructed a total peptide library, containing nearly 500 million different peptide sequence information in a library of approximately 80,000 peptides, which will increase the screening efficiency by approximately 6,000 times.

Advantages of Our Total Peptide Library

  • The peptide library constructed by compression technique has integrity
  • Diversity of peptide sequence information
  • It has higher stability because of the special structure of the peptide bond
  • Low construction cost and short cycle
  • Accelerate the development of peptide drugs


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