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Chelate Peptides (DOTA related peptides)

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Chelate Peptides (DOTA related peptides)

As one of the global leading peptides manufactor, Creative Peptides proudly offer superior DOTA&DOTA related peptides to scientific researchers all over the world. We have successfully synthesized plenty of Chelate peptides for pharmaceutical company as well as academic customers and consistently meet the highest standards for quality, custom service, and technical expertise. Now a broad range of DOTA&DOTA related peptides are available from Creative Peptides.

DOTA is an organic compound and commonly used as a complexing agent, which have been widely used as contrast agents for cancer treatments. It can also be linked to molecules that have affinity to various structures (e.g. somatostatin receptors on neuroendocrine tumours). The generated compounds may combine with a number of radioisotopes to be used in cancer therapy and diagnosis. For example, DOTA could act as a chelator for a radionuclide. (Tyr3)-octreotate, a derivative of octreotide, can bind to somatostatin receptors that are found on the cell surfaces of a number of neuroendocrine tumours. Therefore, DOTA-(Tyr3)-Octreotate is able to direct the radioactivity into the tumour.

The DOTATOC for scanning

The DOTATOC for scanning

Based on extensive experience in peptide synthesis, Creative Peptides are committed to provide the high-quality DOTA&DOTA related peptides, which are analyzed by strict mass spectral and HPLC, to meet the requirement from scientific researchers in various regions. Below outlined list is for the products we are currently offering, if you are interested in any of the DOTA&DOTA related peptides or custome synthesis services, please feel free to contact us at . We will be more than happy to serve you!

 Cat. #  Product name  CAS No.  Price
M34140617H DOTA 60239-18-1 Inquiry
M34140618H DOTAEt 137076-50-7 Inquiry
M34140620H DOTA-Ubiquicidin (29-41) acetate N/A Inquiry
M34140622H DOTATOC 204318-14-9 Inquiry
M34140623H Ga-DOTA-TOC acetate 293295-70-2 Inquiry
M34140624H Y-DOTA-TOC 293295-66-6 Inquiry
M34140625H Lu-DOTA-TOC 321835-55-6 Inquiry
M34140626H DOTA-NOC acetate 619300-53-7 Inquiry
M34140628H DOTA-bombesin (1-14) 593287-40-2 Inquiry
M34140629H Ga-DOTA-NOC 1027785-95-0 Inquiry
M34140643H DOTA-Lanreotide acetate 213187-44-1 Inquiry
M34140645H DOTA-NAPamide trifluoroacetate 935886-72-9 Inquiry
M34140646H DOTA-Sargastrin N/A Inquiry
M34140649H DOTA-cyclo(RGDfK) acetate 909024-55-1 Inquiry
O1002 DOTA-(Tyr3)-Octreotate 177943-89-4 Inquiry

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