Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation

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Creative Peptides is a well-known peptide company at home and abroad, which can provide various small-molecule and peptide coupling services. Creative Peptides has professional staff who can provide comprehensive product descriptions and quality inspection report electronic file packages to meet customers' various needs for Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation.

Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation

Introduction of Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation

Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation can couple peptides with various small molecules (Fluorophores, chelating agents and therapeutics). In tumor treatment, peptides can avoid poor penetration, slow clearance, and immunogenicity of large molecular proteins. It has a strong advantage, and even has the tendency to replace traditional antibody diagnostic reagents. In terms of peptide probes, peptide-small-molecule conjugates have the characteristics of good selectivity, low immunogenicity, good biocompatibility, strong permeability and easy excretion. Peptide molecular probes are the main type of peptide-small-molecule conjugates. This method can achieve the rapid metabolism of tumor targeted molecular diagnosis.

Application of Peptide-small-molecule Conjugation

Peptide-small-molecule conjugates as fluorescently labeled probes play an important role in tumorigenesis and development. The researchers successfully designed and screened a small molecule peptide probe AP2H with high affinity and high selectivity. The fluorescently labeled AP2H probe realizes the identification, localization and dynamic analysis of LAPTM4B protein in live liver cancer cells, demonstrating its advantages of good biocompatibility, strong penetration and low immunogenicity.

In addition, the researchers prepared a new type of water-soluble NIR-II fluorescent small molecule IRT, which was coupled with CP peptide by the click reaction for tail vein injection and live tumor imaging. The use of peptide molecular probes to achieve targeted diagnosis of tumors.

Generally, various imaging elements such as organic fluorophores, magnetic ion chelating agents, and radionuclides can be covalently bound to the peptide by modification or embedded in the peptide by physical methods.

Therefore, nanopeptide-small-molecule conjugates based on peptide self-assembly can be used for fluorescence imaging, photoacoustic imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography imaging and radiation imaging.

We have proven expertise in the conjugation of peptides to a wide variety of small molecules, which can be designed and manufactured using a wide variety of linkages.

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