Peptides-Imaging Agents Conjugation
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Peptides-Imaging Agents Conjugation

* Please kindly note that our products and services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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Molecular imaging technology is a combination of molecular biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and imaging technology. It combines genetic information, biochemistry and imaging probes, and is detected by sophisticated imaging techniques. Through image processing technology, in order to display the biological processes of living tissues at the molecular and cellular levels, provide accurate basis for clinical positioning, qualitative, quantitative and diagnosis of disease stages. Malignant tumor is one of the most important diseases leading to death, and the incidence of malignant tumor is still increasing all over the world. Molecular functional imaging has important application value in the field of basic research, preclinical research and clinical research of tumor.

The most critical factors of molecular imaging techniques are highly sensitive detection techniques and highly specific molecular probes. Molecular imaging in vivo must meet 4 basic conditions:

  1. High affinity probe for superiority and pharmacokinetic activity
  2. Probes can pass biological barriers
  3. Biosignal amplification system
  4. Capable of fast, sensitive, high resolution imaging

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Peptide-imaging agent conjugation is a molecular probe that can be used for organ, tissue, or molecular imaging. After peptide-imaging agent conjugation is introduced into the body, it can concentrate in the target organ or tissue, detect the radiation emitted by the imaging instrument, and obtain the distribution image of the drug in the body, which can be used to diagnose various diseases.

With the development of combinatorial chemistry and phage display technology, peptides have received extensive attention as molecular imaging probes. Creative Peptides has decades of experience in peptide services and can provide clients with excellent peptide technology services. We prefer a variety of peptides to interact with imaging agents for molecular imaging purposes. For examples:

  1. Somatostatin Analogs
  2. αvβ3-Integrin Analogs
  3. Bombesin analogs
  4. Cholecytoskinin analogs
  5. α-melanocyte stimulating hormone analogs

Creative Peptides has developed a reliable method for synthesizing Peptides-Imaging Agents conjugates, and the company will deliver Peptides-Imaging Agents Conjugates to global customers with excellent technology. The company has the world's leading research laboratory and advanced equipment, and experienced scientists will provide you with the most appropriate synthetic Peptides-Imaging Agents Conjugation method. Our company guarantees that every step of Peptides-Imaging Agents Conjugation synthesis is subject to strict quality control. Creative Peptides provides you with confidential and effective services at competitive prices.

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