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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
OPO-001 PNC-27 4029.2 Inquiry
OPO-002 JTP10-TATi 2719.25 C118H212N48O26 Inquiry
OPO-003 H-Thr-Tyr-Lys-OH 410.46 C19H30N4O6 Inquiry
OPO-004 Angiotensin (2-7) 783.92 C37H57N11O8 Inquiry
OPO-005 Ac-FLTD-CMK 569.05 C26H37ClN4O8 Inquiry
OPO-006 pJAK2(1001–1013) 1635.85 C76H117N17O23 Inquiry
OPO-007 WL47 1844.3 C80H130N24O18S4 Inquiry
OPO-008 Pinealon 418.4 C15H26N6O8 Inquiry
OPO-009 Cyclo(Arg-Pro) 253.3 C11H19N5O2 Inquiry
OPO-010 22-(tert-Butoxy)-22-oxodocosanoic acid 426.7 C26H50O4 Inquiry
OPO-011 sGnRH-A 1282.4 C64H83N17O12 Inquiry
OPO-012 Collagenase Substrate 588.6 C27H36N6O9 Inquiry
OPO-013 pm26TGF-β1 peptide 1392.56 C54H93N19O20S2 Inquiry
OPO-014 Schembl17003584 616.62 C28H36N6O10 Inquiry
OPO-015 Pentixafor 1221.4 C60H80N14O14 Inquiry
OPO-016 H-Asp-Asp-OH 248.19 C8H12N2O7 Inquiry
OPO-017 Bombesin nonapeptide 1054.2 C47H71N15O11S Inquiry
OPO-018 (Trp63,​Trp64)​-​C3a (63-​77) 1820.1 C86H134N26O18 Inquiry
OPO-019 beta-endorphin (1-27), human 3022.5 C139H217N33O40S Inquiry
OPO-020 PSMA-PEG4 566.6 C23H42N4O12 Inquiry
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