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IntraCellular Delivery System(ICDS™)

Creative Peptides is now offering free sample of ICDSTM-NH2-kit with limited quantities. Please do not hesitate
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IntraCellular Delivery System(ICDS™) [Price Inquiry]

Creative Peptides has launched a novel ICDSTM-NH2-kit. It could be used to facilitate the transfer of peptides or proteins as well as antibodies across cellular membranes in the cell-based assay.


Therapeutic protein drugs are an important class of medicines most in need of novel therapies. Recently approved recombinant protein therapeutics have been developed to treat a wide variety of clinical indications, including cancers, autoimmunity/inflammation, exposure to infectious agents, and genetic disorders. However, the failure of proteins to penetrate mammalian cells or target tumor cells restricts their value as therapeutic tools in a variety of diseases. Unlike small molecules, a peptide or a protein is normally difficult enter into intact cells due to the cell membrane's semipermeability nature.

Creative Peptides offer ICDSTM-NH2-kit containing good carriers that can easily cross cell membranes. ICDSTM-NH2-kit considered as useful tools to assist the transshipment of peptide or protein from outside to the inside of cells. It provides a convenient way to deliver your bioactive proteins into cells by conjugating them with ICDSTM peptides. This ICDSTM-NH2-kit can be used with a wide range of molecule up to 150kDa. In order to verify its effectiveness, Creative Peptides’ scientists have tested ICDSTM-NH2-kit using a wide variety type of cells, such as SkBr3, HEK293 and CHO, and nearly all of the tests have the positive results.

How does it work?

ICDS<sup>TM</sup> Service

ICDSTM-NH2-kit mainly composed of ICDSTM peptides and linker, can assemble your protein with ICDSTM peptides to form a conjugate which can flexible transfer across the cell membrane. ICDSTM-NH2-kit is highly and specifically adaptable to many possible applications, giving your research great advantages.

CAT# Product Name Kit Contents Storage Protocols
ICDS001 ICDSTM-NH2-kit ICDSTM peptides: 1 mg.
ICDSTM Linker: 2 mg.
Buffer: PBS solution (5 mL)
Filtration Tube: 2 tubes
4 ℃ User Guide: ICDSTM-NH2-kit protocal

Protocol at a glance:
• Add ICDSTM linker solution to your protein sample and mix for 30 minutes and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000 g.
• Add PBS buffer and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000 g (2x).
• Add ICDSTM peptides for 2h at room temperature and centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000 g.
• Move to a new filtration tube and add PBS buffer centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 10,000 g (2x).

• Protein/peptide-base vaccine
• Drug delivery
• Alteration of biological activity in cells/tissues

If you foresee a possible future use for your research in a clinical setting, we can help. Contact us at info@creative-peptides.com to customize your ICDSTM service today!

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