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The recognition by Hofmeister and Emil Fischer that the structure of proteins is best represented by chains of amino-acids linked to each other through amide bond was preceded by the syntheses of the first simple peptide derivatives by Curtius and later by Fischer. With the discovery of biologically active peptides, the objectives of synthesis underwent a dramatic change. As the pharmaceutical industry develops rapidly, peptide synthesis becomes more widespread.

Application of Peptide Synthesis

Peptide synthesis has proven to be useful for several applications.Fig1. Peptide synthesis has proven to be useful for several applications.

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Custom peptide designBefore any meaningful studies about proteins and peptides can be performed, it is important to consider several factors. The length of sequence, amino acid residues and the sequence of peptides will influence whether correct assembly and purification are feasible. So we need some strategies to design peptide better.

Custom peptide synthesisPeptide synthesis is generally divided into two types: solid phase synthesis and liquid phase synthesis. Specifically, the solid phase synthesis method has become a kind of common technique in the synthesis of peptides and proteins, which sequence generally synthesized from the N-terminus (amino terminus) to the C-terminus (carboxy terminus).

GMP grade peptide synthesisWe have the capacity and capability to produce GMP peptides, APIs in annual quantities of hundreds of kilograms. Creative Peptides' GMP production sites were designed in strict accordance to US-FDA guidelines for GMP Manufacturing.

Why Choose Creative Peptides?

We can assist customers in selecting the appropriate peptide sequence, purity and quantity suitable for your needs. Each step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides' stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:

  • Sequence lengths of 2-100 amino acids
  • Synthesis of peptides either as crude products or as HPLC-purified material
  • GMP grade available (see GMP Peptides)
  • In quantities of several milligrams up to 100 grams
  • Quality assurance: HPLC chromatogram and Mass spec analysis
  • Synthesis report
  • Additional analyses, such as stability determination, amino acid analysis, and residual solvents etc.
  • Overnight shipping with suitable packs
  • Technical support


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If you have any peptide synthesis requirement in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We will endeavor to provide highly satisfying products and services.
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