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With the gradual deepening of peptide research, the clinical application of peptides as drugs has become more and more extensive. In addition to being used for biological functional analysis, peptides also have inherent properties such as high biological activity, low toxicity, and high specificity. These intrinsic properties make peptide drugs have low non-specific connectivity and minimize drug interactions. The advantages of small amount of tissue residue, thereby reducing the complications of metabolic intermediates, therefore, the polypeptide has a very high application potential in pharmaceutical research and drug treatment.

The pharmaceutical peptides services of Creative Peptides can help you significantly shorten the development time of peptide drugs in the development of peptide drugs so that the peptide drugs you develop can be used in clinical treatment as soon as possible, thus contributing to human health.

Our pharmaceutical peptides services are mainly included by:

Under the consideration of four most significant concerns voiced about peptide-based drugs, potential immunogenicity, poor pharmacokinetics (PK), lack of oral activity, and high manufacturing costs, Creative Peptides applies its proprietary peptide technologies, peptide chemistry expertise, immunology know-how to provide peptide drug services for our customers.

The drug can be combined anywhere in the peptide (C-terminus, N-terminus or in the middle). Generally, a single pure bioconjugate can be obtained. Creative Peptides offers a comprehensive bioconjugation strategies that can be custom designed and developed to fit your needs. This is a fast approach and great solution for customers who want to develop peptide-based conjugates.

The determination and optimization of lead peptides is of great significance for the development of peptide drugs. After determining a lead peptide, specialized peptide medicinal chemistry knowledge is required to produce a "drug-like" compound, and optimization of the leader peptide involves balancing the activity at the target of interest and imparting acceptable pharmacokinetic activity so that it exhibits better bioavailability and stability in the body to achieve the desired pharmacological effects.

Neoantigen is a class of HLA-bound peptides that arise from tumor-specific mutations. They are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues, thus can be used as biomarkers differentiating cancer cells from normal cells. Creative Peptides can provide a full range of vaccine services to our customers from the start of vaccine development.

Formulation development serves the purpose to determine the optimal dosage form, composition and manufacturing route for pharmaceutical products. Creative Peptides offers design and optimization of formulations from early pre-clinical stage to Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, as well as commercial manufacturing. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the optimal formulation for your APIs.


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