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Peptides Phosphorylation

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Phosphorylation is a ubiquitous and essential post-translational modification (PTM) by covalent addition of a phosphate (PO43?) group to a protein or other organic molecule. Phosphorylation of peptides is the most common and important method of post-translational modification of peptides, which is the most important regulatory modification form in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. The mechanism of peptide phosphorylation is that the process of transferring the phosphoric acid group of GTP or ATP γ-position to the protein amino acid residue on the basis of kinase catalysis, which occurs mainly on the hydroxyl groups of serine, tyrosine and threonine residue side chains. It plays an important role in signaling between cells. It also can conduct extracellular signals and coordinate intercellular information, regulate gene expression and protein synthesis. Besides, it has important effects on almost all life activities, such as cell growth and differentiation.

Applications of peptides phosphorylation

  1. The phosphorylation of peptides plays an important role in the cell signaling process, which plays a role in regulating many cellular biological functions.
  2. Peptide phosphorylation involves almost all life activities, including gene expression, apoptosis, muscle contraction, metabolism, tumor formation, and so on.
  3. Phosphorylated peptide is a kind of unique structure and function of bioactive peptides. For example, the physiological activity of casein phosphate peptide (CPP) has been applied to functional food. It can promote the human body to the calcium, iron and other minerals absorption, while improving the physiological function of biological utilization.

Our Services

Peptides-phosphorylation-1.pngCreative Peptides has developed a reliable procedure for the synthesis of phosphorylated peptides. we can provide global customers with phosphorylated peptides based on our excellent technology. Creative Peptides has extensively developed phosphorylated peptides structures and is the company of choice to manufacture your requirements, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices. We offer peptide phosphorylation synthesis on pSer, pTyr, or D-pSer, D-pTyr, D-pThr. We can also place phosphorylation site at multiple positions. Although multiple phosphorylated amino acids can be added, they can negatively affect peptide synthesis and purification.

Our experienced scientists will tailor the most appropriate methods and 100% guaranteed service for customers. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides’ stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:

  1. HPLC chromatogram
  2. Mass spec analysis
  3. Synthesis report
  4. Certificate of Analyses

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If you have any peptide synthesis requirement in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We will endeavor to provide highly satisfying products and services.

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