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Chemical modifications of peptides introduced strategically at potential enzymatic cleavage sites may dramatically increase the in vivo stability of peptide drug candidates. One simple approach to stabilizing a peptide is to modify the side-chains of some of the amino acids involved in the protease recognition site. The residues of interest are replaced by natural or non-natural amino acids with chemically similar side-chains. The introduction of non-natural amino acids generates modifications in the secondary and tertiary structures of a peptide, and is used to further enhance the stability and activity of peptide sequences.

Functions of unusual & non-natural amino acids modification

Below is a list of our available unusual & non-natural amino acids modification

More than 700 amino acids that are the so-called unusual, unnatural, or nonproteinous amino acids have been found in nature in the free zwitterionic form or as constituents of peptides. These amino acids have attracted much attention from scientists due to their important biological activities as antibiotics, metal chelators, neurotoxins, enzyme inhibitors, etc.

Creative Peptides specialized in the custom synthesis of unusual and non-natural amino acids modification, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides’ stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:


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