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Control Pools

* Please be kindly noted that our product can only be used for research to organizations or companies and not intended for individuals.

Browse products name by alphabetical order:

Cat. # Product Name Price
PPO-H103CEF Pool (extended)Inquiry
PPO-H104CEF Pool (standard) (120nmol)Inquiry
PPO-H105CEF Pool (standard) (15nmol)Inquiry
PPO-H106CEFT MHCII PoolInquiry
PPO-H107CEFT PoolInquiry
PPO-H108EF PoolInquiry
PPO-H109Negative Control Pool HIV-1 (Con B gag motif)Inquiry
PPO-H110Human (Actin)Inquiry
PPO-H111Human (HLA classI Ig-like C1 type domain)Inquiry
PPO-H112Human (MOG)Inquiry
PPO-H113Positive Control Pool HCMVA (IE-1)Inquiry
PPO-H114Positive Control Pool HCMVA (IE-2)Inquiry
PPO-H115Positive Control Pool HCMVA (pp65)Inquiry

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