Tumor Associated Antigens
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Tumor Associated Antigens

* Please be kindly noted that our product can only be used for research to organizations or companies and not intended for individuals.

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Cat. # Product Name Price
PMA-H081Human (CEA)Inquiry
PPO-H075Arabidopsis (WRKY47)Inquiry
PPO-H076Human (Claudin-6)Inquiry
PPO-H077Human (Cyclin-B1)Inquiry
PPO-H078Human (ErbB2_ECD)Inquiry
PPO-H079Human (ErbB2_ICD)Inquiry
PPO-H080Human (Histone H1.2)Inquiry
PPO-H081Human (Histone H4)Inquiry
PPO-H082Human (MAGEA1)Inquiry
PPO-H083Human (MAGEA3)Inquiry
PPO-H084Human (MAGEA4)Inquiry
PPO-H085Human (Mammaglobin A)Inquiry
PPO-H086Human (Melan-A/MART-1)Inquiry
PPO-H087Human (Melanocyte protein Pmel 17 gp100)Inquiry
PPO-H088Human (Metalloreductase STEAP1)Inquiry
PPO-H089Human (Myc protein)Inquiry
PPO-H090Human (NY-ESO-1)Inquiry
PPO-H091Human (P53)Inquiry
PPO-H092Human (Prame/OIP4)Inquiry
PPO-H093Human (Prostate-specific antigen PSA)Inquiry

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