Recombinant Peptide Synthesis
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Recombinant Peptide Synthesis

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For many years, chemical synthesis of large peptides and proteins has been a daunting task. The expansive progression in different ligation methods assists in the successful fulfillment of this large order. Since the building blocks can be obtained efficiently either by stepwise solid-phase synthetic or by recombinant methods, the limitation of size to produce synthetic or semisynthetic proteins is no longer a concern. Recombinant peptide is a manipulated form of peptide encoded by recombinant DNA, which has been cloned in a foreign expression system to supports the expression of the exogenous gene. This recombinant DNA construct can be used to manufacture large quantities of useful protein products. The recombinant DNA, usually the cDNA sequence of the target peptide, is designed to be under the control of a well-characterized promoter to express the target peptide within the chosen host cell to achieve high-level protein expression.

Synthesis of recombinant peptide

  1. Design and construction of a expression vector
  2. Expression and purification of recombinant fused peptides
  3. Proteolytic cleavage and purification of recombinant peptides

Fig. 1 Synthesis of recombinant peptide

Why Choose Creative Peptides?

  1. Superior Precision: Creative Peptides’ recombinant peptide technology provides custom peptides exactly as requested. Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides’ stringent quality control.
  2. Excellent Procedure: Conventional chemical peptide synthesis has only limited abilities to synthesize long or complicated peptides, whereas our proprietary recombinant peptide technology can handle the toughest possible peptide sequences, of any length, on any scale.
  3. Scalable System: In quantities of several milligrams up to 100 grams.
  4. Low Cost: Our recombinant peptide package provides a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices for large-scale, long, and complicated peptide production.
  5. Consistency: With fewer steps than conventional peptide synthesis, recombinant peptide technology produces synthetic peptides with high levels of consistency.

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