Thymosin β15

Thymosin β15 is a small actin-binding protein upregulated in highly metastatic rat prostate cancer cells, relative to low metastatic cells.

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Thymosin β15 is the only β-thymosin possessing an amino acid substitution within the expected actin binding domain, LKKTNT instead of LKKTET. Thymosin β15 is increased in prostate cancer and is reported to be important in cell migration. It is possible that thymosin β15 acts not only by increasing cell migration but also by increasing angiogenesis, which would contribute to the malignant potential of these tumor cells. Other investigators have shown that thymosin β4 levels are elevated in metastatic lesions (36ñ38) and, when transfected into tumor cells, malignancy in vitro and in vivo is increased. Furthermore, the sulfoxide of thymosin β4 has been described to possess anti-inflammatory activity (40). It likely acts in malignancy to increase migration, angiogenesis, and reduce immune surveillance.  >> Read More

Synonyms/AliasThymosin β15; Tβ15; Tb15; NB thymosin; NB thymosin beta; thymosin NB; TMSB15A; thymosin-like protein 8; TMSL8; TMSNB; thymosin beta-15A; thymosin beta 15A
ApplicationLevels of human thymosin β15 in urine have shown promise as a diagnostic marker for prostate cancer, which is sensitive to potential aggressiveness of the tumour.
Areas of InterestCancer research
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