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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A13181 [D-Ser14]-Humanin (HN) 2687.3 Inquiry
A13182 Humanin, HN 2687.3 Inquiry
A13224 α-Synuclein (34-45) (human) 1308.52 C59H101N15O18 Inquiry
A13226 Amyloid Bri (1-23) 2627.99 C116H175N31O35S2 Inquiry
A13230 α-Synuclein (45-54) (human) 996.12 C43H73N13O14 Inquiry
A13234 Amyloid Bri (1-34) 3937.55 C173H275N49O52S2 Inquiry
A13306 26-O-acyl isoA beta (1-42) 4514.1 Inquiry
A13344 hIAPP (22-27) 633.8 Inquiry
A13346 Beta-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 637.73 C33H43N5O8 Inquiry
A13351 Ac-Leu-Pro-Phe-Phe-Asp--NH2 678.89 C35H46N6O8 Inquiry
A13370 Activity-Dependent Neurotrophic Factor, ADNF 927.1 Inquiry
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