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Ghrelin Peptides

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G04016 Ghrelin-Cys(BMCC-biotinyl) (human) Inquiry
G04010 Ghrelin, rat Inquiry
G04008 Ghrelin, bovine Inquiry
G04015 Ghrelin (mouse, rat) Inquiry
G04011 Ghrelin (human) Inquiry
G04001 C-terminal Proghrelin Isoform Peptide, mouse Inquiry
G04007 [Des-octanoyl]-Ghrelin, rat Inquiry
G04009 [Des-octanoyl]-Ghrelin, human Inquiry
G04012 (Trp3,Arg5)-Ghrelin (1-5) Inquiry
G04013 ([13C6]Leu5)-Ghrelin (human) Inquiry
10-101-138 Ghrelin (human) Acetate Inquiry

Ghrelin is an appetite-stimulating peptide hormone secreted by P/D1 cells in the human stomach, which circulates in the blood during fasting. The 28 amino acid Ghrelin is the endogenous ligand of growth hormone secretory hormone receptor 1a (GHSR1a), and the N-octanoyl serine 3 of enzyme growth hormone is the endogenous ligand of growth hormone secretory hormone receptor 1a (GHSR1a). GHSR1a receptor is related to Ghrelin and is widely expressed in different tissues.

Mode of Action

Ghrelin participates in the complex process of regulating energy balance by regulating energy input (by adjusting hunger signals) and energy output (by adjusting energy for ATP production, fat storage, glycogen storage, and short-term heat loss). The final results of these processes are reflected in weight and are constantly monitored and adjusted according to metabolic signals and needs. At any given time, it may be in a state of equilibrium or imbalance. Gastric-brain communication is an important part of energy homeostasis. There may be a variety of communication pathways, including gastric intracellular mTOR/S6K1 pathway, which mediates the interaction between ghrelin, nesfatin and endocannabinlike gastric system, and vagus nerve afferent and efferent signals. In addition to its function in energy balance, Ghrelin also activates the cholinergic-dopaminergic reward connection between the ventral tegmental area and the midbrain pathway, which is a circuit that conveys the excitement and reinforcement of natural rewards, such as food and addictive drugs such as ethanol. Ghrelin receptors are located on neurons in this circuit. The hypothalamic Ghrelin signal requires rewards from alcohol and delicious food.

Clinical significance of Ghrelin Peptides

  1. The therapeutic effects of synthetic Ghrelin on cachexia and hemodialysis patients for any cause are being studied.
  2. The inhibitory effect of Ghrelin on seizures in animal models is currently being studied.
  3. Ghrelin is a gastric motility agent, which may be used in the treatment of gastroparesis.

1. Lalonde, T., Shepherd, T. G., Dhanvantari, S., & Luyt, L. G. (2019). Stapled ghrelin peptides as fluorescent imaging probes. Peptide Science111(1), e24055.
2. Tokudome, T., Otani, K., Miyazato, M., & Kangawa, K. (2019). Ghrelin and the heart. Peptides111, 42-46.

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