Glycoprotein Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
G1801 Glycoprotein IIb Fragment (300-312) 1319.48 Inquiry
G1802 Glycoprotein IIb Fragment (656-667) 1347.52 Inquiry
G1803 Cys-CD36 (139-155) 1977.23 Inquiry
G1804 CD36 (93-110)-Cys 2271.5 C₉₆H₁₅₁N₂₉O₃₃S Inquiry
G1805 Glycoprotein IIb Fragment (296-306) 1198.22 Inquiry
G1806 Glycoprotein Hormone α (32-46) amide 1754.09 Inquiry
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