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H09030 HXB2 gag #88/aa349 - 363 1449.7 Inquiry
H09043 HXB2 gag #83/aa329 - 343 1514.9 Inquiry
H09047 HXB2 gag #1/aa1 - 15 1518.7 Inquiry
H09050 HXB2 gag #59 1520.6 Inquiry
H09054 HXB2 gag #30/aa117 - 131 1527.4 Inquiry
H09059 HXB2 gag #44 1534.7 Inquiry
H09060 HXB2 gag #42/aa165 - 179 1534.8 Inquiry
H09068 HXB2 gag #28/aa109 - 123 1545.7 Inquiry
H09075 HXB2 gag #54/aa213 - 227 1550.7 Inquiry
H09079 HXB2 gag #29 1554.6 Inquiry
H09081 HXB2 gag #82/aa325 - 339 1554.8 Inquiry
H09083 HXB2 gag #55/aa217 - 231 1556.8 Inquiry
H09087 HXB2 gag #58 1560.7 Inquiry
H09092 HXB2 gag #43/aa169 - 183 1563.8 Inquiry
H09094 HXB2 gag #85/aa337 - 351 1565.9 Inquiry
H09097 HXB2 gag #56/aa221 - 235 1567.8 Inquiry
H09103 HXB2 gag #57 1571.7 Inquiry
H09104 HXB2 gag #47/aa185 - 199 1572.8 Inquiry
H09105 HXB2 gag #12/aa45 - 59 1573.8 Inquiry
H09114 HXB2 gag #91/aa361 - 375 1577.8 Inquiry

After decades of development, AIDS has spread rapidly around the world, and has become the most terrible infectious disease endangering human health around the world. One of the two drugs used in the highly effective antiretroviral treatment of (HAART) for AIDS is the protease inhibitor (PI), which integrates two reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors. However, the emergence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) PR mutation hinders the development of antiviral therapy. Therefore, more and better PI are needed for clinical application. At the same time, in all cases, new and powerful screening models are needed to verify new drugs, which can complement the existing screening models. The expression of HIV PR is a premise to screen susceptive PR target peptide, so scientists selected HIV-1 HXB2 PR for expression, purification and identification, which is the representative of HIV-1 M group B clade.

Studies about HXB2

Although the requirements for protective immune responses against HIV type 1 (HIV-1) are not well defined, growing evidence suggests that cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) immune responses are critical in controlling HIV-1 infection. A large number of CTL studies have been carried out on HIV/AIDS patients in Caucasus in Europe and the United States. Some HIV vaccines, such as DNA-rMVA, DNA-rAd5, and DNA/IL-2/Ig and so on, are undergoing clinical trials. CTL is mainly composed of CD8+ T cells. HXB2 strain is a common HIV strain in the United States and Europe. HIV-1gag is a relatively conservative structural protein.


In the United States, clade B is the main subtype of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), while in sub-Saharan Africa, branches A, C and D are the main subtypes. HIV subtypes may have an effect on the progression of HIV. As far as we know, the impact of HIV subtypes on the risk of dementia has not been studied. Some findings provide evidence that HIV subtypes may be associated with their ability to cause cognitive impairment. More research is needed to confirm this observation and to determine the mechanism by which subtypes increase the risk of neuropathic disease.


  1. Zhang, H., Qiu, Z., Jiao, Y., Wang, A., & Li, T. (2009). HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses to HXB2 Gag and Nef peptide pools in Chinese HIV/AIDS patients. Science in China Series C: Life Sciences, 52(9), 841-846.
  2. Sacktor, N., Nakasujja, N., Skolasky, R. L., Rezapour, M., Robertson, K., Musisi, S., ... & Quinn, T. C. (2009). HIV subtype D is associated with dementia, compared with subtype A, in immunosuppressed individuals at risk of cognitive impairment in Kampala, Uganda. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 49(5), 780-786.
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