Melan-A and Mucin Related Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
M3501 [Ala26, Leu27] - Melan - A (26 - 35) 927.2 Inquiry
M3504 [Leu28] - Melan - A (27 - 35) 856.1 Inquiry
M3505 Melan - A, MART 1 (26 - 35) 943.5 Inquiry
M3506 Melan - A/MART - 1 (27 - 35) 814.6 Inquiry
M3507 MUC1 mucin core 1484.6 Inquiry
M3508 MUC2 2201.4 Inquiry
M3509 MUC3 1784.9 Inquiry
M3510 MUC4 1541.6 Inquiry
M3511 MUC6a 2105.3 Inquiry
M3512 MUC6b 1855 Inquiry
M3513 MUC7 2037.2 Inquiry
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