MHC-peptides Tetramer Class Ⅰ

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
CPM-1-0001 H-2Kb OVA tetramer-SIINFEKL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0002 H-2Kb Negative (SIY) tetramer-SIYRYYGL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0003 H-2Ld MuLV gp70 tetramer-SPSYVYHQF-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0004 T-Select HLA-A_24_02 WT1(mutant) tetramer-CYTWNQMNL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0005 T-Select HLA-A_02_01 CMV pp65 tetramer-NLVPMVATV-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0006 T-Select HLA-A_24_02 survivin-2B tetramer-AYACNTSTL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0007 T-Select H-2Kb OVA tetramer-SIINFEKL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0008 T-Select H-2Kb MuLV p15E tetramer-KSPWFTTL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0009 T-Select H-2Kb Negative (SIY) tetramer-SIYRYYGL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0010 H-2Kb HBV core tetramer-MGLKFRQL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0011 H-2Db WT1 tetramer-RMFPNAPYL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0012 H-2Kb TRP-2 tetramer-SVYDFFVWL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0013 H-2Db LCMV gp33 tetramer-KAVYNFATC-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0014 HLA-A_24_02 CMV pp65 tetramer-QYDPVAALF-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0015 H-2Kb TRP-2  tetramer-SVYDFFVWL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0016 H-2Ld MuLV gp70 tetramer-SPSYVYHQF-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0017 H-2Kb HBV core tetramer-MGLKFRQL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0018 T-Select HLA-A_02_01 EBV BMLF1 tetramer-GLCTLVAML-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0019 HLA-A_02_01 NY-ESO-1 tetramer-SLLMWITQC-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-1-0020 HLA-A_24_02 survivin-2B tetramer-AYACNTSTL-PE labeled Inquiry
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