MHC-peptides Tetramer Class Ⅱ

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
CPM-2-0001 I-Ab OVA323-339 tetramer-ISQAVHAAHAEINEAGR-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0002 I-Ab OVA323-339 tetramer-ISQAVHAAHAEINEAGR-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0003 I-Ab Eα52-68 tetramer-ASFEAQGALANIAVDKA-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0004 I-Ab MOG35-55 tetramer-MEVGWYRSPFSRVVHLYRNGK-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0005 I-Ab MOG35-55 tetramer-MEVGWYRSPFSRVVHLYRNGK-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0006 HLA-DRB1_01_01 HTLV-1 Tax155-167 tetramer-YLYQLSPPITWPL-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0007 HLA-DRB1_01_01 HTLV-1 Tax155-167 tetramer-YLYQLSPPITWPL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0008 I-Ab ESAT-6 1-20 tetramer-MTEQQWNFAGIEAAASAIQG-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0009 HLA-DRB1_01_01 human CLIP103-117 tetramer-PVSKMRMATPLLMQA-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0010 HLA-DRB1_01_01 human CLIP103-117 tetramer-PVSKMRMATPLLMQA-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0011 HLA-DRB1_01_01 EBV EBNA1515-527 tetramer-TSLYNLRRGTALA-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0012 I-Ab FMLV123-141 tetramer-EPLTSLTPRCNTAWNRLKL-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0013 HLA-DRB1_01_01 HIV gag295-307 tetramer-DYVDRFYKTLRAE-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0014 HLA-DRB1_01_01 HIV gag295-307 tetramer-DYVDRFYKTLRAE-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0015 HLA-DRB1_01_01 Influenza HA306-318 tetramer-PKYVKQNTLKLAT-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0016 HLA-DRB1_01_01 EBV EBNA1515-527 tetramer-TSLYNLRRGTALA-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0017 HLA-DRB1_04_05 Influenza HA306-318 tetramer-PKYVKQNTLKLAT-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0020 HLA-DRB1_04_05 human CLIP103-117 tetramer-PVSKMRMATPLLMQA-APC labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0021 HLA-DRB1_04_05 human CLIP103-117 tetramer-PVSKMRMATPLLMQA-PE labeled Inquiry
CPM-2-0022 HLA-DRB1_04_01 human CLIP103-117 tetramer-PVSKMRMATPLLMQA-APC labeled Inquiry
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