Peptide Microarrays for Infectious Diseases
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Peptide Microarrays for Infectious Diseases

* Please be kindly noted that our product can only be used for research to organizations or companies and not intended for individuals.

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Cat. # Product Name Price
PMA-H002B. anthracis (Cryptic protein)Inquiry
PMA-H003B. anthracis (Protective antigen precursor)Inquiry
PMA-H004B. anthracis (Small acid-soluble protein (gamma type))Inquiry
PMA-H007BKV (coat protein VP1)Inquiry
PMA-H011Dengue Virus (Capsid protein)Inquiry
PMA-H012Dengue Virus (Envelope protein)Inquiry
PMA-H013Dengue Virus (Membrane glycoprotein)Inquiry
PMA-H014Dengue Virus (Nonstructural protein 1)Inquiry
PMA-H015Dengue Virus (Nonstructural protein 3)Inquiry
PMA-H040HCV (NS3)Inquiry
PMA-H042HIV-1 env (gp120 protein + signal peptide)Inquiry
PMA-H043HIV-1 env (gp41)Inquiry
PMA-H053SARS (E protein)Inquiry
PMA-H054SARS (M protein)Inquiry
PMA-H055SARS (N protein)Inquiry
PMA-H056SARS (S protein)Inquiry
PMA-H057West Nile virus (Envelope glycoprotein E)Inquiry
PPO-H002BKV (capsid protein VP2)Inquiry
PPO-H003BKV (capsid protein VP2, isoform VP3)Inquiry
PPO-H004BKV (large T antigen)Inquiry

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