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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A13033 Tau-Protein (323-335) 1230.4 Inquiry
A13113 Tau-Protein (1-16) 1876.1 Inquiry
CAD-039 Acetyl-PHF6 amide 789.97 C₃₈H₆₃N₉O₉ Inquiry
CAD-040 Acetyl-PHF4 amide 562.71 C₂₈H₄₆N₆O₆ Inquiry
CAD-041 Acetyl-PHF5 amide 690.84 C₃₃H₅₄N₈O₈ Inquiry
CAD-042 Acetyl-PHF6IV amide 775.95 C₃₇H₆₁N₉O₉ Inquiry
CAD-043 Acetyl-PHF6KE amide 790.92 C₃₇H₅₈N₈O₁₁ Inquiry
CAD-044 Acetyl-PHF6QV amide 760.98 C₃₈H₆₄N₈O₈ Inquiry
CAD-045 Acetyl-PHF6YA amide 697.88 C₃₂H₅₉N₉O₈ Inquiry
CAD-046 Microtubule-Associated Protein (142-161) (human) 1999.25 C₈₆H₁₄₇N₂₃O₃₁ Inquiry
CAD-047 PHF6 748.92 C₃₆H₆₀N₈O₉ Inquiry
CAD-048 Tau Peptide (45-73) (Exon 2/Insert 1 Domain) 2978 C₁₂₀H₁₈₉N₃₁O₅₇ Inquiry
CAD-049 Tau Peptide (74-102) (Exon 3/Insert 2 Domain) 2901.14 C₁₂₄H₁₉₈N₃₄O₄₆ Inquiry
CAD-050 (Ser(PO₃H₂)²⁰²,Thr(PO₃H₂)²⁰⁵)-Tau Peptide (194-213) 2151.07 C₈₁H₁₃₃N₂₉O₃₆P₂ Inquiry
CAD-051 (Thr(PO₃H₂)²³¹)-Tau Peptide (225-237) 1445.62 C₆₁H₁₀₉N₁₈O₂₀P Inquiry
CAD-052 Tau Peptide (244-274) (Repeat 1 Domain) 3257.63 C₁₄₁H₂₃₈N₄₂O₄₄S Inquiry
CAD-053 Acetyl-Tau Peptide (244-274) (Repeat 1 Domain) 3299.8 C₁₄₃H₂₄₀N₄₂O₄₅S Inquiry
CAD-054 Tau Peptide (245-274) (Repeat 1 Domain) 3129.63 C₁₃₆H₂₃₀N₄₀O₄₂S Inquiry
CAD-055 Tau Peptide (255-314) (Repeat 2 Domain) (human) 6368.33 C₂₇₇H₄₆₇N₈₃O₈₆S Inquiry
CAD-056 (Ser(PO₃H₂)²⁶²)-Tau Peptide (260-264) PAb Blocking 585.51 C₂₀H₃₆N₅O₁₃P Inquiry
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