Tau Fragments
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Tau Fragments

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Cat. # Product Name Price
A13033Tau-Protein (323-335)Inquiry
A13113Tau-Protein (1-16)Inquiry
CAD-039Acetyl-PHF6 amideInquiry
CAD-040Acetyl-PHF4 amideInquiry
CAD-041Acetyl-PHF5 amideInquiry
CAD-042Acetyl-PHF6IV amideInquiry
CAD-043Acetyl-PHF6KE amideInquiry
CAD-044Acetyl-PHF6QV amideInquiry
CAD-045Acetyl-PHF6YA amideInquiry
CAD-046Microtubule-Associated Protein (142-161) (human)Inquiry
CAD-048Tau Peptide (45-73) (Exon 2/Insert 1 Domain)Inquiry
CAD-049Tau Peptide (74-102) (Exon 3/Insert 2 Domain)Inquiry
CAD-050(Ser(PO₃H₂)²⁰²,Thr(PO₃H₂)²⁰⁵)-Tau Peptide (194-213)Inquiry
CAD-051(Thr(PO₃H₂)²³¹)-Tau Peptide (225-237)Inquiry
CAD-052Tau Peptide (244-274) (Repeat 1 Domain)Inquiry
CAD-053Acetyl-Tau Peptide (244-274) (Repeat 1 Domain)Inquiry
CAD-054Tau Peptide (245-274) (Repeat 1 Domain)Inquiry
CAD-055Tau Peptide (255-314) (Repeat 2 Domain) (human)Inquiry
CAD-056(Ser(PO₃H₂)²⁶²)-Tau Peptide (260-264) PAb BlockingInquiry

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