Antibody (Protein)-Bacteria Interactions
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Antibody (Protein)-Bacteria Interactions

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Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) imaging technology is a label-free optical biosensor technology. Due to its sensitive, specific, rapid, and label-free detection, SPR-based immunosensors that coupled with a specific antigen-antibody reaction have become a promising tool for the quantification of bacteria. SPR immunosensors, comprising antibodies coupled to the transducer, have been used for the detection of various bacteria. For direct detection of bacteria, SPR immunosensors are fabricated by immobilizing antibodies which are specific to the target bacteria, on the gold film surface. The SPR response after the immobilization of antibodies is recorded as a reference.

When a solution containing bacteria is brought in contact with the sensor surface coated with antibodies, the target bacteria bind to the antibody. After washing the surface and removing the unbound bacteria, a shift in the SPR response is monitored due to the binding of bacteria to the sensor surface. The shift in the SPR response is proportional to the concentration of the target bacteria. One can employ the linear relation between the number of the bacteria attached to the surface and the response of the SPR immunosensor to prepare a calibration curve. The success of a SPR immunosensor, like all other biosensors, highly depends on the experimental design.


Fig1. The shift in SPR response during the binding of antibody and bacteria to the sensor surface (Biotechnol J, 2009)

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