Peptide Crystallization
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Peptide Crystallization

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Creative Peptides has accumulated rich experience and expertise in peptide crystallization services. Our understanding of crystal formation and thermodynamics allows us to develop customized, scalable, and peptide crystallization services.

Why do peptide crystallization?

Having a crystalline solid form of a peptide offers clear advantages compared to the amorphous form:

  1. Significant impurity rejection - Crystallization is sometimes used as a peptide purification technique
  2. Improved processability
  3. Enhanced drying properties
  4. Reduced hygroscopicity
  5. Increased stability - Due to higher purity, tighter molecular arrangement, and restricted molecular motion, crystalline materials can provide better physical and chemical stability than liquid solutions or amorphous states.
  6. Control of aggregation & gelling
  7. Cost advantage of crystallization when compared to column chromatography methods for purification
  8. Full structural determination

Overview of our peptide crystallization service

Using a powerful X-ray diffraction platform, we can provide peptide crystallization services to meet the needs of global customers. Our scientists use X-ray crystallography to determine high-resolution structures to help understand their structure and function and support your peptide therapeutics discovery projects.

Peptide Crystallization

Figure 1: A droplet from an optimized crystal growing experiment containing multiple peptide crystals. (Ryan K, 2015)

  1. Peptide crystallization service includes

Peptide Crystallization

Peptide crystallization introduces greater complexity due to molecular flexibility and size. Each peptide requires a unique insight to optimize crystallization conditions.

Key Features

  1. Professional Scientists
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Fast & Reliable

Contact us to find out how we are equipped with the expertise and tools to provide crystalline of your peptide.

1. Ryan K. Spencer and James S. Nowick. A Newcomer’s Guide to Peptide Crystallography Isr J Chem. 2015; 55(6-7): 698-710.

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