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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
F02002 Gamma-Fibrinogen (377-395), scrambled 2229.7 Inquiry
F02012 (Tyr0)-Fibrinopeptide A 1699.75 C72H106N20O28 Inquiry
F02013 (Tyr15)-Fibrinopeptide B 1715.75 C75H102N20O27 Inquiry
F02014 Heparin-Binding Peptide V 1023.2 Inquiry
F02015 Heparin-Binding Peptide V, scrambled 1023.2 Inquiry
F02016 Fibronectin (1951-1960), FN-C/H2-CO 1128.3 Inquiry
F02018 Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein IIB Peptide (296-306) 1198.2 C47H75N17O20 Inquiry
F02019 Collagen Binding Fragment 1248.3 C52H75N14O20S1 Inquiry
F02020 Fibronectin Precursor (561-599), mouse, rat, Fibronectin (530-568), bovine 1250.3 Inquiry
F02021 V14 Peptide 1356.5 Inquiry
F02022 Fibronectin Fragment (1377-1388) 1356.50 C56H97N19O20 Inquiry
F02023 Fibronectin Fragment (1371-1382) 1464.61 C59H101N25O19 Inquiry
F02024 Fibrinogen Related Peptide 1502.6 C62H99N23O21 Inquiry
F02025 [Phe1376]-Fibronectin Fragment (1371-1382) 1515.7 Inquiry
F02028 BSA (347-359) 1567.7 Inquiry
F02029 [Glu1] Fibrinopeptide B, human 1570.6 C66H95N19O26 Inquiry
F02030 [Tyr0] Fibrinopeptide A, human 1699.8 C72H106N20O28 Inquiry
F02031 [Tyr15] Fibrinopeptide B, human 1715.8 C75H102N20O27 Inquiry
F02032 Fibronectin (1946-1960), FN-C/H2 1741.0 Inquiry
F02033 THS, Fibronectin Type II Ligand 1867.0 Inquiry


Fibronectin (FN) is a high molecular glycoprotein widely found in blood, body fluids and various tissues. FN is widely involved in cell migration, adhesion, proliferation, hemostasis and tissue repair, and mobilizes the mononuclear phagocytic system to remove harmful substances from damaged tissues. As a substrate for cell culture, FN can increase the adherence rate and confluence rate of various cells, shorten the cell confluence time, and make the cell morphology and structure increase, and the metabolic rate is enhanced.

Mechanism of action

The function of fibronectin is very complex and its main function is to mediate cell adhesion. Purified fibronectin enhances intercellular adhesions and adhesion of cells to the matrix. By adhesion, fibronectin can regulate cell shape and cytoskeletal organization through cell signaling pathways, promoting cell spreading. Fibronectin has a strong role in promoting the phagocytosis of mononuclear macrophages, has non-specific opsonin activity, and is resistant to infection and immune complexes. Fibronectin is present in the alpha particles of platelets, which release platelets from fibronectin and secrete it to the surface of platelets. During the formation of blood clots, fibronectin promotes the attachment of platelets to damaged areas of blood vessels. In the final phase of coagulation, FN participates in the coagulation process through factor XII.

Application of Fibronectin Fragments and Analogs

There are more and more researches on the clinical application value and application fields of FN, such as research in tumors and anti-infection. As an extracellular matrix, FN is closely related to the occurrence, development, and prognosis of the laryngeal, bladder and gastric cancer. As a matrix factor with important biological functions, FN plays an important role in all stages of wound repair.
“Fibronectin skin bacteriostatic agent” uses FN as the main component, supplemented by protein stabilizing matrix and wound moisturizing factor, and has a good effect in the fields of hemorrhoids, burns, hemorrhoids, diabetic foot, refractory ulcer and postoperative nonunion.


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  2. Wang, Y, & Ni, H. (2016). Fibronectin maintains the balance between hemostasis and thrombosis. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 73(17), 3265-3277.
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