Kinases/Phosphatase Substrates

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
K11001 HATPPKKKRK 1190.5 Inquiry
K11002 CK1 Peptide Substrate [pS7] 1603.9 Inquiry
K11003 Casein Kinase 2 (CK2) Substrate α-subunit 1264.3 Inquiry
K11004 Syk Kinase Peptide Substrate 1463.6 Inquiry
K11005 Syk Kinase Peptide Substrate, Biotin labeled 1689.9 Inquiry
K11006 MBP, MAPK Substrate, Biotinylated 1193.4 Inquiry
K11007 Myosin Regulatory Light Chain MRCL3 (11-24) 1633 Inquiry
K11008 [Ser25]-PKC (19-31), biotinylated 1914.4 Inquiry
K11009 Neurogranin 28-43, Biotinylated-LC 2139.7 Inquiry
K11010 P70 S6 Kinase Substrate 1115.4 Inquiry
K11011 S6 Kinase Substrate (229-239) 1313.6 Inquiry
K11012 Srctide 1678 Inquiry
K11013 LKBtide; LKB1/STK11 Substrate Peptide 2785.2 Inquiry
K11014 Tyrosine Kinase Peptide 1 1669.9 Inquiry
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